As the market leader in Electronic Student Health Records, Magnus provides improvements each month to keep our customers on the cutting edge of industry security and technology.

We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and are ready for the wonderful holiday season.  Although the Holidays are approaching, that is not going to stop Magnus from bringing you more great features this month! Below we have outlined the highlights of this month’s new feature enhancements.

Addition of the Preferred Name Field & Expansion of Middle Name Field

Within your Vital Health Record (VHR) Settings, under the Admin Dashboard, you will now be able to activate two new fields for the student name: the new Preferred Name field and the newly expanded Middle Name Field. Previously, when inputting a student’s middle name, users could only fill in a middle initial, but now you can spell out the full middle name.

1. The Middle Name nightly sync has been enabled as a part of the Partner SIS Integration updates for PowerSchool, Veracross, and Blackbaud (OnProducts Only). Just be sure to have this field set to ‘Optional’ in your Vital Health Record (VHR) Settings to make it is visible within your account.

2. The Preferred Name nightly sync has been enabled as a part of the Partner SIS Integration Updates for Veracross and Blackbaud.

Ability to Lock Student Names in the Parent Portal

Many of you have experienced issues where parents mistakenly fill in their own name in the student name fields. You will now be able to lock the First and Last Name fields for a student within the Vital Health Record (VHR) Settings of your Admin Dashboard.

Updated To Visit Log

You will now be able to see the Check-In, Start Time, and End Time of all student visits directly on the Visit Log list.

Other Updates & Improvements

1. Expanded State Specific Immunization Compliance Rules Reports to 10+ states.  Expansion is continuing each month until reports are available nationwide. Ask about our new ImmsLink Integrations for more information!

2. When faxing from Magnus or Magnus Mobile, the answers to the Custom Health History section will now be included as a part of the VHR.

3. Bug fix for the Blackbaud Emergency Contact Integration where certain contacts were being filtered out from the sync into Magnus in error.

4. Treatment Note Field Names will now accept additional special characters, such as a slash and parentheses.


We hope you enjoy the new feature enhancements listed above along with the various bug fixes throughout Magnus!

Magnus is releasing a few new feature enhancements this week on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. Check out the details of this release below!

Automated Group Management

Ability to utilize a Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) to automate your Group management. This means that your school can send us one file each day, week, or month to automatically add or remove students from any existing groups in Magnus. 

Click here for additional information…

Check-In Screen Minor Bug Fixes

1. The issue of ‘when a user closes their browser after checking in a student and is unable to continue that visit upon logging back in’ has been resolved.

2. The functionality that allows the provider who checked the student in to access a treatment note from the visit log of an In-Progress student has been added.

Print All Requirements Update

1. We’ve improved the speed and performance of the Print functionality for large groups of requirements.

2. You may notice some minor design/layout improvements to the Admin Dashboard such as the “Show All Groups” link being deactivated when no Groups are associated with a particular requirement.

Updated Certain Access Rights from Check-In Screen

Users without Student Medical Record Access in their User Permissions will no longer see a hyperlinked to a student’s name in the visit log/check-in screen.


We hope you enjoy the new features listed above along with the various bug fixes throughout Magnus! 

Happy Halloween! Magnus is releasing a few new features this week on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017. We hope you enjoy the new features listed below along with the various bug fixes throughout Magnus!

For additional information regarding these enhancements, please join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, October 25th at 11 am if you’d like a more in-depth review!

New Visit Log Feature & Improved Check-In!

If your school is using the Check-In feature you can keep better track of who is in your Health, Athletic, and/or Counseling office by filtering between three different statuses for your student visits. The Check-In Screen will now show all students who have been in your office within the last 24 hours, making this not only a Check-In feature but also a visit log for your office. Navigate to Draft Notes, Completed Notes, or the Student Medical Record directly from the Visit Log with a single click! To see more about the statuses Magnus will use within this feature, see below!

Waiting Status
The student has checked in, but documentation has not yet started in any way.
In Progress Status
A note has been started, and it is still being worked on by the person who accepted the visit or has been “Saved for Later.”
Completed Status
A note was submitted for the student. Documentation is complete.

Medication Schedule Improvements (Video in Section Below)

We’ve added additional capabilities to our Daily Medication Schedule to allow for greater flexibility for PRN Medications and other one-off instances.

Ability to Keep Medications From Displaying on the Medication Schedule
Follow these instructions if your medications have already been entered into Magnus:

See Walk-through Here!

1. Load the Student Medical Record

2. Expand the Medications section within the Vital Health Record Preview

3. Click Edit next to the medication you wish to hide from the Medication Schedule

4. Check the box that says “Do Not Show on Medication Schedule”

5. Save at the bottom of the screen.

Prescription Dose Field Name Updated
You will find that the “Prescribed Dose field” is now labeled “Prescribed Quantity.”

Medication Strength Field Name Updated
You will find that the “Medication Strength” field is now labeled “Medication Dose.”
Magnus 911 Card Includes Photos
If your Magnus Account has student photos, you will now see a checkbox labeled “Student Photo” when printing Magnus911 Cards. Checking this box before printing will ensure that the student photo is printed on the PDF.
Medication Updates
For those of you who need to package medications, but do not use the inventory feature, you can now enter a Start Date, End Date, or both for the packaged medications without having to enter a quantity in the Medication Administration Template.
Additional Enhancements
-Using ImmsLink? Additional compliance reports are now available! This currently applies to our customers in CA, GA, and MA who have implemented the immunization sync.
-When signing their name for any Electronically Signed Documents, parents can now also utilize the “Last name, First name” format with a comma (vs. “First name Last name”).

We are very excited to announce that the main focus of the August 30th release is the increased site speed for Magnus! Historically, reviewing Vital Health Records has taken a lot of your time, and the loading times for those pages have been slower than desired. But, this release will improve all of that! Our team has made a small external change, but MAJOR internal changes to the Magnus system. Here are the changes that you will notice with the Wednesday release:

You will now have the ability to expand/collapse each section of the Vital Health Record while reviewing requirements. This will allow you to click through each section with minimal scrolling. There is also an option to ‘Expand or Collapse All’, if you prefer to see all sections at once.

Behind the scenes, we’ve improved the loading time of the VHR sections that has increased the system’s speed exponentially. In certain cases, we’ve seen loading times decrease by up to 80%!

For additional information regarding these enhancements, please feel free to contact your Magnus Client Services representative!