Important Updates or Known Issues

Parents Require Mobile App Update to See New Features

Parents & Faculty Require Mobile App Update

We have heard from some customers that parents are having trouble completing their COVID-19 Daily Assessments within the Magnus Mobile V2 app.  In accordance with our communication on Monday, we performed a product release this morning (8/26/20) to add critical, highly requested enhancements to both the mobile and desktop applications.

Parents will need to update the app to the latest Version 20.08.26.  Parents using an iPhone can do this by installing the update within the Apple Store, or by deleting and reinstalling the app.  Android users are able to perform the same update by updating via Google Play Store, or by deleting and reinstalling the app.

Parents/Faculty Not Seeing COVID-19 Daily Surveys

“Requirement Not Found” or “Server Error” Message

There have been a few reports of users seeing this message when trying to complete the COVID-19 Survey within our Magnus Mobile App.  This issue is due to the “End Date” set by the school within the Requirement Library for this item.

To remedy this concern, schools need to set a “valid date” (June 31st is not valid), or ensure the end date has not already passed.  Magnus will be putting in validation to ensure that non-valid dates cannot be selected.

Parents/Faculty Can See but Cannot Click on Daily COVID-19 Survey

“Requirement Not Found” or “Server Error” Message

There have been a few reports of users seeing the COVID-19 Requirement listed within the mobile app but the COVID-19 Survey is not “clickable” even though it is showing.  This issue is due to a known issue when an apostrophe is placed in the Requirement Name (Title of Requirement).

To remedy this concern, please remove any apostrophes from your Requirement Name (Title).

Blackbaud SIS Intermittent Sync Issues (RESOLVED 9/2/2020)

API Calls Not Returning as Expected from Blackbaud

We are working with our partners at Blackbaud to resolve intermittent issues with our nightly data sync for all mutual customers.  This issue is stemming from incomplete responses from our API calls.  The problems seem to have come after security updates were performed by Blackbaud in response to recent concerns at the company.  This will not affect parent ability to Single Sign-On through the Resources page of Blackbaud.