Important Updates or Known Issues

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Magnus Health Mobile App Temporarily Unavailable in Apple App Store (Resolved)

5/3/2021 6:00 PM EST

As of May 3rd, 2021 6:00 PM EST, the Magnus Health Mobile App has been restored within the Apple Store and is available for download.

4/30/2021 10:00 AM EST

We have identified an issue with our mobile app which may prevent iPhone users from installing and/or re-installing the mobile app from the Apple app store. Users that currently have the Magnus Mobile App on their mobile devices should not be impacted.  We advise all parents that are currently utilizing the Magnus Mobile App to not uninstall the mobile app from their mobile device. At this time this should not affect Android Users. Our team is investigating this issue as a high priority item and we hope to have a resolution in place as soon as possible. If you notice any issues for your school, or have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Magnus Health Client Services at 919-800-0356 or via email at .

April 2021 Magnus Health & Blackbaud API Integration Security Update (Customer Action Required!)
The IT Admin or Blackbaud point of contact at your school may have received a communication from Blackbaud regarding a recent update made to their API. This change will require you to take an action with Magnus Health to ensure your data sync continues to operate seamlessly.

We encourage you to complete this action by 04/30. Outlined below are the steps you will need to follow in order to generate the new Blackbaud API Key and Secret values, and pass this information back to Magnus Health:

1. Log into your Blackbaud Administrator account (NOTE: You will need to have the Role of “On API Access Manager”. This is a new role within Blackbaud that will allow you to generate the API keys to connect to Magnus Health.
2. Navigate to Core > Security > Authentication Settings > ON API Access tab
3. Click the three dots to the left of the Magnus Health user account (if you have multiple use MagnusDataSync) > Edit > Generate New Key to generate your Key and Secret values.
4. Copy the Key and Secret values into a text file and upload the new credentials into ShareFile (Click Here)

From there Magnus Health will plug your new credentials into the Magnus Health system and send a follow up email to confirm the new integration is active. To ensure same day turnaround, we request that you submit any new API credentials before 4 PM EST.

If you have any questions, please contact Magnus Health Client Services at 919-800-0356 or via email at with the subject line: “Blackbaud ON API Update”

How long do I have to update to the new API?
Our goal is to have all customers updated by 03/31 but existing credentials will still be operational until 06/30 at which point the data sync and SSO will no longer function for any schools that have not completed this update

What happens to my daily data sync once I change the credentials on my side?.
You may notice a brief interruption in Data Sync or SSO functionality after the new credentials are generated within Blackbaud. It is important to promptly pass the new API Key and Secret values to Magnus Health after they are generated to ensure there is no disruption in service.
We request that all new API Key and Secret values are provided before 4 PM EST to ensure same day turnaround on your API update.

Will I be notified when the new data sync is operational?
Yes! We will send you a confirmation email after the new credentials have been updated within Magnus Health.