Software updates


May – v. 5.7

User experience updates

Upload and combine multiple files for a single student requirement 

Veracross, Magnus Health integration

Access previously submitted forms

Magnus supports student photos

Magnus911 enhancements

Print blank forms

SMR user login enhancements


February - v. 5.6

Magnus Mobile App Updates

      • Additional sections added to the Magnus Mobile app include: 911 docs, clinic alerts, healthcare providers, insurance, medical history, OTC medications, and additional information.
      • Administrators automatically have access to these new sections, but users must be granted permission from the User section of the Admin Dashboard.
      • iOS devices with Magnus Mobile already downloaded, and automatic updates turned on, will immediately have access to the new features. For those iOS devices without automatic updates, please go to the app store and download the update.
      • For Android devices, the new Magnus Mobile app must be downloaded. Simply delete the old app and download the new one from the GooglePlay store.

appstore-button-black-300x110Magnus Mobile for Android


December - v. 5.5

Smart Lists

      • Additional search capabilities for groups and search by requirements.
      • Display of answer for requirements on results page.
      • New beta “Show Me” walk-through feature for Smart Lists Library page.
      • Addition of beta print feature for results. This feature is in testing and may not work with all browsers.
      • New simplified CSV export option.

Magnus911 card

      • Additional information can be displayed on the card. Allergies will now list EpiPen expiration, signs of reaction, and general treatment. Insurance will now list notes, subscriber/policy ID, and insurance phone. Student cell phone number will display.


      • Approval guidelines to the Immunization review portal are now visible and can be customized. The checkbox to send rejection email is now unchecked by default. The name of the school has been added to the print view for immunizations.

WhippleHill integration

      • Relationships that do not exist in WhippleHill will be removed during nightly sync. This applies to broken relationships or removed accounts.
      • Addresses will be updated to include the Parent’s Country/Province. If address state cannot be found, Province will be used Update relationships in VHR when parent’s SSO or during nightly sync. Relationships work as follows:
Parent (+gender)
Mother/Father or Parent (if no gender)
Step Parent
Step Parent
Extended Family Member
Consultant/Host Family
Legal Guardian
Great grandparent
Legal Guardian

Silverpoint integration

      • As of December 5th, this integration will stop syncing/pulling the students’ email address and phone numbers into Magnus.

Site speed

      • Prior to this release, adjustments were made to improve load times on the following pages: SMR page, create Treatment Note page. We continue to make adjustments to improve site speed.
August - v. 5.4

Clinic Alerts 

Highlight important notes about a student on their medical record page. Clinic alerts are visible to other Magnus users with appropriate permissions. You can also send an email to other Magnus users, directing them to login to their account and view the new or edited alert. Updated User Interface

We’re refreshing and simplifying the look and feel of your account. You still have all of the same features, functions, and actions, you simply access them from the gray, gear-shaped icon. You’ll find it on many pages – don’t be afraid to click it!

Smart Lists

Simplify multi-level reporting, and view all list results in a compliance centered format. You build the criteria for each list, allowing you easily to broaden or narrow your list results.

Answer or edit requirements on behalf of the parents

All school administrators and users with permission can answer any requirement on behalf of the parent, with the exception of electronically signed documents.

OTC Electronic Signatures

If you choose to use Electronically Signed Documents for your OTC requirement, parents will be able to choose which medications their children can take, and then electronically sign the document. This process also auto-fills the medication center on the SMR page. This should only be used for OTC forms that require only the parent signature. (Contact Client Services to add this to your account.)

WhippleHill Groups

We can now sync sports teams and incoming students into groups. Individual teams can be selected to sync, and all students marked as incoming in WhippleHill can be synced. (Contact Client Services for more details.)

Senior Systems SSO

Senior systems schools can use SSO. Parents will come to a login page at Magnus, and enter their Senior Systems credentials to log in to Magnus. (Contact Client Services for more details.)

Frequently Asked Questions

      • What is the gear-shaped icon?

This cog gives you access to many actions. If you’re in doubt, or looking for something, click the cog!

      • How do I upload on behalf of a student?

To upload a document for a student you will need to select, “Answer Requirement”. Please note that you cannot combine documents in Magnus. Your parents do have the ability to combine documents in the Parent Portal.

      • What does “Clear Answer” mean?

When you select “Clear Answer”, you will reset the requirement to “incomplete”. Any document that has been approved in the past will be archived and accessible via the audit log. Any document that is pending will be cleared from the account.

      • How do I change the approval status on a requirement?

You can update the approval status on a requirement by selecting “update status”. You can choose to accept or reject an item as well as update the next action date.

      • Where is the audit log?

You may access the audit log by selecting, “View History”.

      • How do I access the Review Portal?

When you conduct a search via the Student Health Tracker or Smart Lists, you will note the Review Portal is now accessible via a smaller orange rectangle on the top right of your screen, near the Go to Front Desk link. The large yellow rectangle is only accessible from the student’s individual health tracker page.

      • How do I go back to the ‘pending approval’ list once I have completed the student I was working on?

If you access pending approval items from the Review Portal, via the smaller orange rectangle, you will return to the pending approval list once you close the review portal.

      • I just left a student’s individual health tracker page and I have to recreate my search again! Why are there so many clicks to get back to my search results?

Alas, the back button is no more, BUT you do not need to recreate your search. Please note that every search you run is saved in the Smart Lists Library.

      • The smart list seems to be interpreting a single criteria instead of combining the criteria for a total listing. The result is that if a student meets ANY of the criteria they are listed. This is not what I want. I want only a listing of students who meet ALL criteria.

This is correct. Currently Smart Lists processes multiple criteria as an “or” statement. You desire the option to run “and” searches. We will be working on this as soon as possible.

      • Previously, All Trackers and Groups with a filter for “incomplete” would provide me with all students who are not cleared with the registration process. That included those who have rejected forms, expired forms, and missing forms. That report seems to have disappeared and now I need to complete 3 different reports – expired, incomplete and rejected.

We’ve addressed this with the tracker compliance search updates. Via Smart Lists, click all trackers/groups, then filter by Compliant or Not compliant. Not-compliant will now return those students with rejected, expired and incomplete statuses. With the new changes, the compliance search functionality is now requirement centric. The report output mirrors this new philosophy and therefore you’ll notice a different layout of results in the downloaded spreadsheet. Please give us a call and we can help you with these reports.

June - v. 5.3

VHR smart fields

VHR smart fields allow school users to easily visualize the most critical health information for individual students. This is achieved using a red highlight to indicate allergies, Epi pens, medications and “yes” answers to medical health history questions. 

Customize VHR section selections

You can now determine which sections of the VHR to display to parents/guardians. From your VHR settings (accessible via the Admin Dashboard) you can select to show or hide any or all of the VHR sections. This update gives you the ability to require as little or as much information as you like. 

Tracker report downloads and storage

You can download reports immediately in CSV format and store them within your account.

March - v. 5.2

Edit VHR 

School edits to VHR

With a simple click of the button, school administrators have the ability to edit a student’s VHR. 

School insurance

School insurance is now an option under the Insurance section of the VHR. The VHR automatically selects school insurance for international students; however, it is an option for domestic students as well. Once this type of insurance is selected, parents are not required to complete any additional fields. Please contact the client services team to have this feature enabled in your account. 

International phone numbers

The VHR now accepts international phone numbers for emergency contacts. However, text message alerts cannot be sent to non-US based phone numbers. 

Submit a ticket for records

A new button in the Review Portal allows you to submit a ticket to Magnus to edit a document. This might be used for splitting, combining, rotating, or replacing an existing document. 

Training site

This new site was created with your needs in mind, and contains an SMR user guide, step-by-step help articles, a Magnus certification course and quiz, and further resources.

February - v. 5.1


Reorder Trackers

Trackers can now be reordered. This looks and functions similarly to reordering requirements.

Reorder Groups

Groups can now be reordered as well. This also looks and functions similarly to reordering requirements.


Your Archive Student page is now organized by pages. This will reduce load times, and that’s never a bad thing.

All requirement answers can be updated by a parent at any time without the need to reject it first.

Prescription Administration will limit based on start date field. If a start date is in the future the prescription will not be in your list until that day.