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Magnus University - Student Medical Record

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

How do you create a Clinic Alert?
Click the Actions cogwheel and then select the Add Clinic Alert option.

How do you add a document to a folder?
Click the Add Record button beside the desired folder at the bottom of the Student Medical Record page.

How do you generate a 911 card for an individual student?
Click the Print Card button within the Magnus 911 section on the left side of the Student Medical Record page. You also can click the Actions menu and then select the Print Magnus 911 card option.

How can I send an email to a parent regarding the SMR page?
Click the Actions menu and select the Send Email option.

How do I view historical treatment notes for a student?
Once on the Student Medical Record page, scroll down to the Recent Treatment Notes section and then click the View All/Print button.

Magnus University - Review Portal

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Why are my Smart Lists locked?
The Smart List is locked due to either you not being the user who created the Smart List or this Smart List was generated from the Student Health Tracker section. If you or another internal user created the Smart List you can make it public by going to the Smart List you want to make public, clicking the wheel icon next to the Smart List and Choosing Edit. You can then scroll to the bottom of the Smart List settings and check off “Make Smart List Public”.

Magnus University - Treatment Notes


Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

If you choose not to share a note and save the record, but then change your mind, can you update the share with parent option to “yes” to notify them? Or do you need to add a new note??
Yes, if you edit the note, you can change your mind and share it at that time.

Magnus University - Immunizaton Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session
Can you archive immunizations if they have not been assigned?
Immunizations should only be archived if there is no data submitted for that immunization.

Is it possible to get one report with all immunizations and their status?
Yes, you will search for Any Immunizations and then select No Filter as your option. This is done through the Immunizations section of the left navigation bar under Search By Immunization.

Magnus University - Admin Dashboard - Users and Email Reminders

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Is there an audit trail/log to see if/ who updates a student record?
Yes. You will search for the student via the Student Health Tracker page, then click the Actions cogwheel beside the requirement and then select the View History option.

Is there a standard set of permissions that are advised for nurse?
This depends on the school. Most nurses do have Admin access, so they can make changes to the account as needed. For schools that have a larger health center, the Director typically has Admin access and all other nurses are created as users.

Magnus University - Admin Dashboard - VHR, COVID-19 and Admin Reports

Are we able to add to the list of reports within the drop down from Admin Reports section?
Please add a Feature Request and our product team can take in consideration your report needs! These reports are growing over time based on what our clients want. To create a feature request please choose the Need Help icon when you are logged in to Magnus and click ‘Suggest a Feature’

My COVID-19 Reports are not giving me any data?
Please make sure you do not have both Trackers and Groups selected. The reports must be generated by one or the other since all report filters use “AND” logic.

Basic Series Classes

Learning the Basics of the Admin/School Portal - 32 Minutes (Session 1)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

How can I manage my groups?
You will need to have Admin access. Go to Admin> Student Health Tracker> Groups. From here you can edit an existing group by clicking Edit next to the group name or add a new group by clicking New Group at the top left. Add students by selecting or dragging or by selecting and using the Add or Remove buttons.

How do I add a Tracker for a new class year and archive a graduating class?
You will need to have Admin access. Go to Admin> Student Health Tracker> Trackers. Click Archive next to the graduating class to archive this tracker. Please note you will want to wait until the students have graduated and you no longer need access to these students before archiving. To add a new tracker for your incoming class click New Tracker at the top of the page. Enter the tracker name, description (if you wish), deadline, email reminder and select Publish then Save.

If we have our Magnus account integrated with a student information system (SIS) where should I make updates to student and parent demographic information?
You will want to make these updates in your student information system as the integration will most likely wipe out anything you updated directly in Magnus only overnight. The information updated in your student information system should then update Magnus in the nightly sync.

How do I update my student’s grades?
You will need to have Admin access. Go to Admin> Student Health Tracker> Grades. From here you can map each tracker with the correct grade for the current school year. Remember to click save once you are done.

How do I add a User vs. an Admin?
Go to your Admin Dashboard and under Admin click on users. From here click New User and fill out the information for the user or admin. You will then want to select either the Admin or User radio button depending on which role you would like them to have. Refer to this guide for more information on setting up a user in Magnus.

Basics of the Parent Experience - 30 Minutes (Session 2)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Do parents have to complete all requirements in the requirement library prior to being able to access the COVID screening assessment?
Parents can access the COVID screening regardless of their compliance within the Student Health Tracker. If your school has a daily COVID screening assessment for parents to answer this will show as it’s own icon alongside the SHT on the app.

When parents change their credentials for the Magnus Mobile App does this change their credentials anywhere else?
No, when parents change their credentials to create a username and password for the app this only updates their Magnus Username and Password. If you have your Magnus account integrated with your student information system this will not change their username and password to log into your school’s parent portal.

How can we collect information regarding student’s medications from parents?
We offer several ways to do this. The best practice is to collect the information regarding the medication the student takes in your Vital Health Record through the Medications section. Schools should then supply parents with a Medication Order Form to print off and complete (usually signed by a physician) to then upload for the school. It is also important to set up an Over the Counter Medication Form for parents to complete regarding the student’s permissions for over the counter medications. If you have questions regarding setting any of this up for your parents please contact your client service team

Will I have separate login credentials if I am a parent but also an admin of my school’s Magnus account?
Yes, because you have two different roles, Administrator and Parent, you will have two different sets of credentials. We recommend using secure methods of storing usernames and passwords to remember your credentials for each account.

Compliance in Magnus - Review Portal & Student Health Tracker - 30 Minutes (Session 3)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

What is the difference between approving a form with a Next Action Date versus marking it as Complete?
Approving a requirement with a Next Action Date will mark the requirement as complete until the Next Action Date. Once the Next Action Date approaches the form will expire and if email reminders are turned on the parent/guardian will receive an email reminder letting them know they must turn in a ne form. Approving a requirement and marking it as Complete will show the requirement as complete and approved forever. The parent/guardian will never be prompted to submit that form again.

What is the easiest way to search for non-compliant students?
The easiest way to generate a list of students is to search on your Student Health Tracker page. Choose All Trackers and Groups and Non Compliant then Search. To search for a specific grade or group choose that tracker or group instead of All Trackers and Groups. To search for a specific requirement search by the second set of filters, Search by Requirement. Choose the name of the requirement and Non Compliant and then Search.

How can I generate a list of students with allergies, specifically life threatening allergies?
To generate a list of students with life threatening allergies please run your Vital Health Record report for Allergies. To navigate to this section go to Admin> Vital Health Record> Vital Health Record Reports > Allergies Report. Once you download the report there is a column for Severity.

Compliance in Magnus - Prescription Medications & Immunization Review Portal - 30 Minutes (Session 4)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

How can I review if a student or multiple students are non-compliant for a specific immunization?
Go to your Immunization Module by clicking on the Immunization icon on your left hand side navigation. Navigate to the Search by Immunization search. Choose the desired immunization from the drop down and status filter incomplete. To search for a specific student use the Search By Student search at the top of the screen to view their immunizations. You can also jump to their immunizations from their SMR.

Can I set statuses for my students immunizations without entering in each date?
Yes, you can. If you choose to just set statuses you will need to review the record then set a status for each immunization by clicking the drop down on the left hand side of each immunization name.

What if a student is non-compliant for an immunization?
If a student is non-compliant you can mark the immunization they are non-compliant for as Not Compliant then once all statuses are set a rejection email body text box will appear at the bottom. You can send the parent an email regarding the non-compliant immunization by checking off the Send Rejected Email check box and entering in your message. Once you click Save the message will be sent to the parent. You can follow up on rejected immunizations by searching for the status Incomplete on your Immunization search.

Documentation in Magnus - Document Treatment Notes, Clinic Alerts & 911 Card Printing - 30 Minutes (Session 5 )


Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Can a user edit or add an addendum to a treatment note another user created?
Users cannot edit someone else’s treatment notes, but they can add an addendum to it

How can an internal user view a treatment note that was shared with them? 
A user can view a treatment that was shared with them by hovering over their name and clicking “communications”. They will also see an orange badge over their name when they log in. This notifies them that a treatment was shared with them.

Are clinic alerts visible to a student’s parent or guardian?
Clinic Alerts are not visible to a student’s parent or guardian. They are only visible internally and can only be shared internally.

Documentation in Magnus - Documenting Medications Through Treatment Notes and the Medication Schedule - 30 Minutes (Session 6)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

How can I update my medication counts?
When initially entering in the medication in the VHR be sure to enter the initial quantity. Each time you administer a medication the quantity will be adjusted. When the parent or guardian provides a refill you can adjust the quantity by going to the medication schedule and clicking the icon next to the name of the medication and QTY and choose your quantity to be added and comments if desired.

Can I see what medications were administered for a day, week, month, etc?
Yes, you can view your medication administrations by viewing your MAR Report. Click on the MAR Report on your left hand side navigation and enter your date range. You can view this report for all students or a particular student by searching the individual student’s name in the search box.

Does it matter if I administer the medication via a Treatment Note or from the Medication Schedule?
No it does not. When you administer the medication via a treatment note or medication schedule it will result in the same type of documentation. It is up to you and your preference which way you choose to document the administration.

Advanced Series Classes

Learning the Basics Configuring the Parent Portal - 30 Minutes (Session 1 of 6)

Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Can you set up a user so that they only have access to one requirement in the Student Health Tracker ?
Yes, this is possible. To do so, you will need admin access. Go to Admin> Account> Users. Click New User and make sure User is selected under Select User Type. Do not select any of the check boxes below Select Application Privileges. Make sure this user is ONLY given access to the trackers and groups you want them to see the requirement for. Under Access to Requirements, select the requirement you want them to be able to view.

What is the difference between Incomplete Reminder Window and In Progress Reminder Window within the Automatic Email Reminder section?
Incomplete Reminders are sent out for requirements that are new and have never been filled out before. This can be applicable for either new students or if your school added a new requirement for existing students.
In Progress reminders are sent out if you have multiple signatures selected for the requirement and only one parent/guardian completed it.

How do I delete an uploaded document which was uploaded to the wrong requirement?
You can delete an uploaded document by going to the individual student’s SHT (student health tracker) and clicking the gear icon next to the requirement. You will see the option to clear answer.

Can Admins add to a partially uploaded requirement?
Only the parent has the option to add files, which tells them “You can add files to your existing answer. Click Add Files to see your current answer and add files to it.” *Prescription & immunization records are the exception to the rule. Admins CAN a record to these two requirements*

Basics of the School Administrator Role in Magnus - 30 Minutes (Session 2 of 6)



Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

If we change the wording on an already published Electronically Signed Document (ESD), will that change the wording on previously submitted forms?
No, any forms that a parent has already completed, signed and submitted for approval will not change if you update the verbiage on the ESD requirement. All forms submitted after you make the change to the wording of the form will include the updated verbiage.

What is the best practice for schools that have Emergency Contacts (ECs) syncing over from their Student Information System (SIS)?
For schools that have their ECs syncing over from their SIS, you will want to turn off the ability for parents to Edit the ECs within Magnus and direct them to complete the EC updates within your SIS. You can do this by going to the Admin Dashboard, Vital Health Records Settings section, clicking Edit next to the Emergency COntact Section, and then checking off the box to “Disable primary Parent(s)/Guardian”s” editing.

What does the conditional questions option do within the Requirement Settings for an ESD?
The conditional question option allows you to add a question that the parent can answer Yes or No to which will dictate if they are required to complete the requirement or not. If they answer No they will not be shown the requirement and if they answer Yes they will be required to complete and submit the requirement. This option is used for requirements that may not pertain to everyone (i.e. an Asthma Action Plan Form).
Can Admins add to a partially uploaded requirement?

Only the parent has the option to add files, which tells them “You can add files to your existing answer. Click Add Files to see your current answer and add files to it.” *Prescription & immunization records are the exr. Admins CAN a record to these two requirements*

Automatic Email Reminders and Next Action Dates - 30 Minutes (Session 3 of 6)


Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Can different Next Action Dates be set for students? For example, a physical form that is collected all throughout the year.
Yes, while in the review portal an admin can put a custom Next Action Date (NAD) as you accept a form. A NAD will automatically appear as you select “accept”, however it can be changed. Additionally, if you go into a Student Health Tracker and click the gear icon next to a requirement, you can update status and change the Next Action Date there.

Can multiple email addresses be selected under “Reply To” within the settings in the admin dashboard?
No, only one email address can be selected. If you want a parent to respond to two users, e.g. in reference to an automatic email reminder, you can edit the automatic email reminder to include the second email in the “body text”. & COVID 19 Screening Features (Parent Mobile App) - 30 Minutes (Session 5 of 6)



Frequently Asked Questions for this Session

Can we create more then one auto evaluation requirement if we would like to set up different assessments for different grades or have one be in a different language?
Yes, just like most requirements you can have more then one. If you would like to create one in another language please keep in mind that Magnus does not have the ability to translate from English to another language. You will need to use a translating tool prior to creating the requirement and can paste the results.

If I need to create a new auto evaluation to add or remove questions, do I delete the other one?
We do not advise that you delete the old assessment since it will delete it’s history. You can one of two things: the first is to assign it to an inactive group (one that does not have any students in it) or you can make the end date the same as the date you are creating the new one.

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