Back to School Guide

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    Students are returning to campus. Review the checklist below to familiarize yourself with everything you’ll need for your ‘back to school’ routine.

    • Review Portal Updates
    Navigating the Review Portal
        • Users now have the ability to navigate to all three review portals (the Prescription, Immunization, and Regular Review Portal) for any given tracker from the Tracker Summary Page, and from any Smartlist.

        How to use the Tracker Summary

              • Users can review all prescription and immunization requirements in the Review Portal for each student in subsequent order without the need to navigate through several screens.


    • Report Upgrades
          • When you have mastered reviewing your forms, next you can run reports on which students are compliant, non-compliant, or cleared to participate in activities! To learn how to use this functionality, check out our Smart Lists video tutorial Here.

              Smart lists are a great way to search for requirements by a specific group, such as a field trip or sports team, and multiple requirements at once!
    VHR Reports
          • Smartlists are great for reporting requirement compliance. When wanting to know which students have allergies, specific health concerns, or run a complete list of emergency contact information, Vital Health Record Reports can easily provide this information for you. Vital Health Record Reports are found within the Admin Dashboard of your Magnus account, and are a great way to narrow down specific health concerns, such as which students have an Epi-Pen. To learn more, check our our VHR Reports how-to article here.
    Report Server
            • This year, Magnus enabled the ability for our Client Services team to easily create and provide customized reports to your school. Examples of custom reports that our trained Client Services team can deliver upon request are:

            • ESD (Electronically Signed Documents) Questions and Answers
            • Medication Information
            • Account Information
            • Clinical Alerts
            • Allergies

        Contact your Client Services Representatives today to request your custom report at 919-800-0356 or

            • Each state has a different age, dosage, and the number of immunizations received requirements. Make sure your students are compliant by reviewing their immunization records, waivers, and exemptions in their Immunization Tracker! Click here for a how-to article on reviewing immunizations.

              Once you’ve reviewed your pending immunization records, you can pull compliance reports by status and dose that have been entered. To run each student’s immunization status report, click here for our how-to article.

            • Use the Medication Schedule to efficiently manage medication schedules, dosages, and inventories. The Medication Schedule module allows you to view all students who take medication while at school, and when to administer each medication(s). To add new students to your existing list, or to start your medication list, click here for our how-to article.

          Once all students that require medication, even PRN meds, are added to the schedule, you may begin to administer their medications by the time of day they should be received. Click here for our how-to article on administering medications.

          When a student’s prescription begins to lower in inventory, you can remind the parents to refill the medication directly from the Medication Schedule!


    • Magnus 911 Card Preparation
        • The Magnus911 Card is a vital resource that provides important student health and contact information in the event of an emergency. Many schools will create an “emergency backpack” that contains the Magnus911 for each student and provide it to teachers in each classroom.

          Over the summer, we’ve enhanced the Magnus911 print options to improve your emergency preparedness.

        Magnus911 Card Product Enhancements
                • Emergency Documents are now available to print when printing the Magnus911 card. Please keep in mind that the documents you would like to print must have the ‘Magnus 911 Enabled’ option checked in the Requirement Library settings.

                  Over the Counter (OTC) Medications now display on the Magnus911 cards to include which OTC Medications parents have consented to or do not give consent to administer.


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