COVID-19 Boarding School Screening Workflow Suggestions

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    COVID-19 Boarding School Screening 

    Many boarding schools are looking to screen students while on Campus. Below we have outlined a way for Magnus users to create a COVID-19 screening tool using a treatment note template to screen students that can be completed by staff on campus whether it is the traditional Health Center staff or someone outside the health center such as a dorm parent. We will review how to create a screening template, group students and set appropriate privileges levels for Magnus Users.

    Treatment Note Template Setup

    Before setting the User Privileges we want to set up the treatment note template that will be used for the screening so we can assign the user to that specific treatment note template only. You will want to set up a new treatment note template that is only used for the screening so we can grant access to dorm parents or other non-health center users to that screening template.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Step 1: Create the Note Template

    1. Hover over your name at the top of the page and choose Admin Dashboard. Note: You must have “Admin” right within your Magnus Health Account to see this section
    2. Scroll to Treatment Notes, click Note Templates and then Add a Template
    3. Enter in a Template Name and click Save

    Step 2: Add Note Fields
    1. At the top of the page select Go To Edit Note Fields
    2. From this page select Add New Field
    3. Enter in the field name (i.e. Symptoms) and then select which type you would like this field to be.

    Text is going to be a large open text box
    Text Box is going to be a small open text box
    Drop Down List will allow multiple options to appear in a drop-down but you can
    only choose one option
    Multi-Answer List will provide you with multiple options which you can select
    more than one
    Date will appear as a date format 00/00/0000

    4. Select Some Templates and then choose the name of the template you just created
    5. Save Field

    Step 3: Reorder Fields

    Once you have added all of the note fields you would like included on the Note Template
    you can go back to the top and select Go To Edit Note Templates
    Click Reorder Fieldson the right hand side of the template name
    Drag and drop the note fields in the order you want them to appear in

    Using the Group feature to group Students

    Before setting the User Privileges we will also want to set up the grouping for each user that will group together the students they will be responsible for screening. This will also limit their access to only those students in the Group assigned to them. If you do not need to group students and want them to have access to the be able to screen the entire student body you can skip this step.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Creating a Group
    • Go to the Admin Dashboard
    • Go to Groups
    • Click New Group
    • Add the appropriate group name in the Group Name field
    • Hold CTRL while selecting the student you would like to add to that group and then click the Add button in the center of the page
    • Click the Save button to save the group once completed.
    Setting User Privileges

    Many schools use dorm parents or other staff that do not already have access to the treatment note functionality. Below we will show how to create the appropriate privileges to allow the user to complete the screening but not have access to other aspects of the student’s chart. If nurses will be completing the daily screening for your students, you can skip this step.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Create the New User and set up access levels
    • Go to the Admin Dashboard and select Users
    • Click New User to add a new user
    • In the User Info section complete the demographic information
    • In the Preferences section select User as the User Type
    • Under Select Application Privileges, check the Student Medical Record
    • In the Access to Trackers and Groups section you can select the group of students that you want this particular user to have access to. If they are assigned to a specific group of students, you can give them access to the select group of students by creating a Group in Magnus with those students and then choosing the Select Groups Radio button. This will expand the list of Groups and you can select the appropriate group(s) for that user. If you want them to only have access to a select grade or multiple grades you can select the Select Trackers radio button and select the appropriate Tracker(s)
    • In the Access to Folders section choose No Folders
    • In Access to Treatment Notes section choose Select Templates and select the name of the template that you created in the previous step.
    • In the Default Template section select the template that you created in the previous step.
    • In the Access to Requirements section select No Requirements.
    Sharing Treatment Notes with the Health Center

    The Health Center will be able to run a report to see who did to pass the screening, but there is also an easy way to share treatment notes with your colleagues. If you want to share completed treatment notes with the Health Center (ex. for students that did not pass the screening) you can follow the workflow below

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Sharing Treatment Notes
    • When you are finishing your treatment note you will see a Want to share with option with a checkbox next to it. If you select that checkbox it will expand and give you a list of all Magnus Users.
    • You can search by name or select a department and then click the checkbox next to the appropriate staff member(s) that you want to share the note with.
    • To view a shared treatment note the user who the note was shared with would select the Envelope icon in the top left corner of their screen next to the Need Help option when the log into Magnus. If there is an orange exclamation point icon next to the icon that signifies that there is an unopened share treatment note for them to view.
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