COVID-19 School Community Exposure Survey (For Prior to School’s Start)

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    Magnus Health Suggested Survey for COVID-19
    Electronically Signed Document (ESD) Setup Guide

    Many schools are looking to collect and track data on how the COVID-19 virus pandemic is impacting their specific school communities. Using the current functionality of the Magnus software, we hope to provide schools with a way to perform this task while ensuring all responses are stored in a safe and secure environment with the rest of the student health data.

    Below we have outlined a way for Magnus users to create a COVID-19 Survey using an Electronically Signed Document (ESD) within the Requirement Library for parents or guardians to complete on behalf of their student(s). We hope this workflow enables authorized users to make more informed decisions for their school as we move forward during these uncertain times. If a school has a Faculty Account within Magnus, this same workflow can be applied there as well.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Step 1: Create the group and conditional question (Optional)

    Please keep in mind adding a new conditional question will mark the existing status as incomplete

    1. Hover over your name at the top of the page and choose Admin Dashboard. Note: You must have “Admin” right within your Magnus Health Account to see this section.
    2. Scroll to Groups, click Add New Group.
    3. Title the group COVID-19 Exposure Risk.
    4. Do not add any students, and save the group.
    5. Choose the dropdown at the top of the page, then go to Conditional Questions.
    6. Create a new question. Example:“Has your student had any known or likely exposure to COVID-19?”
    7. Select “COVID-19 Exposure Risk” group and click save.
    Step 2: Set up the Survey as an Electronically Signed Document
    Detailed video instructions here
    Make sure this ESD is assigned only to the COVID-19 Exposure Risk group.
    Suggested Survey Questions:

    Confirmed Positive Test Result for COVID-19? (Radio Button with options of “Yes” and “No”).
    Known Exposure to COVID-19? (Radio Button with options of “Yes” and “No”).
    Likely Exposure to COVID-19? (Radio Button with options of “Yes”, “No”, and “Unknown”).
    Currently experiencing Cold, Fever/Flu-Like Symptoms or have experienced these symptoms in recent weeks? (Radio button with “Yes” and “No”).
    If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, please explain to the best of your ability (Paragraph Text Box).

    We suggest that as Admins review parent survey submissions in the Review Portal, an internal cadence is created and agreed upon for parents to retake the survey again as situations will continue to change quickly. These expectations should be clearly communicated to parents.

    To require that a parent takes another survey, simply set the “Next Action Date” to the date when the current survey will expire. This action will prompt the system to generate a Requirement email with a new Action Date.

    Admin users can then set up a Smart List for the “COVID-19 Exposure Form” to show any incomplete or expired surveys. Using this status list, an email blast can be sent to parents to invite them to complete the survey again on the agreed-upon cadence.


    Check Out our Full Video Tutorial Here!

    If you experience any issues or have questions in regards to setting up this survey for parents in your Magnus account, please contact – we are happy to assist you!

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