Editing Questions in your COVID Self Assessment Once Published

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    If you need to make adjustments to your schools assessment once published you will need to clone the existing requirement in order to make the adjustments needed. Please follow the step by step guide below.

    • Video Tutorial

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Step 1: Go to your Admin Dashboard
    1. Go to Admin
    2. Click on Requirement Library
    3. Select Copyto the right of the requirement you wish to copy
    4. Enter the name of the requirement and select Continue
    Step 2: Make Adjustments

    Here are suggested questions from the CDC’s guidelines which you can review here

    1. Make adjustments to the assessment questions
    2. Make any other adjustments to weights, instructions, Go/Stop Messages, trackers and/or groups etc.
    3. Select Yes, I want to publish this requirement in the bottom right
    4. Click Save

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    Access To Requirements | Administrator Only