How do I create prefilled notes?

    in Treatment Notes

    As an admin you are able to create and edit prefilled notes, which allows for greater efficiency when writing your notes.  Prefilled notes are used to pre-populate selections or text in a treatment note with language most commonly used when documenting a typical visit.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    From the Admin Dashboard select Note Templates under Treatment Notes.

    You must add a prefilled note to each template, and you may enter multiple prefilled note options to a single template.  To begin a prefilled note, click Prefilled Notes next the desired template.

    Click the orange Add New Prefilled Note button at the top of the screen to create new.

    If you already have a prefilled note that you would like to edit, click Edit next to the option you wish to change.

    Enter the name for the Prefilled Note Template.

    Prepopulate the note fields below as desired.  The content and dropdowns you select will be used as default text in future notes whenever you select this newly created prefilled note.

    Save your prefilled note by clicking Save Prefilled Note at the bottom of the page in orange.


    • Tips and Tricks

    Create Note Templates for general documentation and use prefilled notes for specific health protocols and injury events.

    Creating Prefilled Notes will allow you to set up practical guidelines to consistently manage notes for your most common visits.  It is best to create many prefilled notes for a single general template. Common Prefilled Notes are for headaches, nausea, cold/flu, or any other commonly seen visit reasons.  It is best to name your prefilled note templates for the common visit reason they address.  For example, for a pre-filled note that addresses headaches, a title of “General Headache Note” would suffice.

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