How do I export Smart List Reports?

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     The Smart List feature allows multilevel reporting across groups and requirements. As a whole school solution, it is important to be able to distribute reports from Magnus to any school health stakeholder. 

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Smart Lists.

    Click Library and select the View List option for the Smart List of your choice.

    In the top right side of the screen, locate and click the Actions button with the down arrow.

    You have three options –

    CSV simple will show MHPID (a unique Magnus ID number), Student first and last name, vendor key, tracker, user groups, compliance status, tracker Item Count, tracker Item Complete Count, and when the account was last updated

    CSV detailed will show  the details outlined above and the status of each requirement attached to the student, requirement ID, requirement current status, next action date, and answer to requirement.

    Print will allow you to choose what information you want included. Select Build & Print to populate a PDF of the information on the Smart List. You can then download the PDF.

    Based on your needs, select either Download CSV (simple) , Download CSV (detailed) or Print.

    • Tips and Tricks

    When deciding which CSV you would like to generate, think about if you want to include all of the student’s requirements. If so, pick the CSV detailed. If you want a short snapshot, pick CSV simple.

    CSV detailed will come with a lot more information than the CSV simple. Feel free to delete any columns that are not completely necessary in order to make your CSV more compact.  

    Selecting Print will allow you to choose which information you would like on your PDF. Feel free to uncheck any boxes that are not completely necessary in order to make your PDF more compact.  

    Please refer to our Excel tutorial video for more assistance – Excel video tutorials

    How to obtain a list of text responses
    Create a smart list for a requirement that required a text response.

    Once you obtain your search results, select the Actions button in the top right portion of the screen. 

    Select CSV detailed. Open the downloaded report and the text answer will be in the Answer column to the far right.

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