How to access Magnus911 cards

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    Magnus911 allows schools to keep their students’ health information protected and accessible in an emergency. Printing large quantities of Magnus911 cards is necessary for field trips, sporting events, etc.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Front Desk.

    Click the Magnus911 icon.

    The Number of 911 Docs column will show you which documents will be provided in an emergency. These documents are in addition to the Vital Health Record.

    Click Create PDF for the appropriate tracker or group needed.

    Select the details that you wish to be displayed on the Magnus911 cards and any 911 Documents you wish to include then click Confirm.

    Please note that this is the information that teachers, chaperones and coaches will be able to see. If you do not wish for certain information to be visible, do not click the box associated with it, for example Medications.

    Depending on the size of your tracker or group, it may take several minutes to build the PDF.

    Click the icon next to Building to refresh the screen until the link Download PDF appears.

    Click Download PDF and open the PDF.

    You can then print and distribute the Magnus911 cards appropriately.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Magnus911 Preview demonstrates what the emergency personnel sees. It is a sample overview and not a live screen.

    How to test Magnus911
    Do not test Magnus911 by using a student’s emergency ID code on That will send emergency notifications to designated emergency contacts for that student.

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