How to access the Immunization Tracker from the Student Medical Record (SMR) page.

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    It is easy to access a student’s immunization information from his or her Student Medical Record (SMR) page.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Search Student Medical Record, select the appropriate student and click Search.

    Scroll to the Immunizations section of the left side of the page.

    Click View to see what information has been entered into the Immunization Tracker for this student. You may also Print this page.

    Click Update Immunizations to go directly to the this student within the Immunization Tracker.

    Follow instructions for How to review and input immunizations from the Magnus User Guides.

    Click Save and close when done modifying the information and you will be returned to the student’s SMR page.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Please note that the printed version will not include the actual Disease Date entered in the Immunization Tracker. It will simply note that a disease date was selected.

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