How to add a user for Mobile App only (teacher/coach)

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    Teachers/coaches/chaperones need access to important health information during emergencies, but they do not need access to everything within the Magnus Health system. You will want to restrict their permissions to MobileApp privileges without granting them access to anything else.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard

    Go to Users

    Go to New User

    Enter the appropriate information for the teacher/coach.

    Under the heading Select User Type, select User

    Under the heading Select Application Privileges select Mobile App.

    You then have the option to select: Fax, Magnus911, Emergency Contacts, Allergies, 911 Documents, Medications (Rx), Medications (OTC), Medical History, Healthcare Providers, Insurance, Clinic Alerts, and Additional Information. If you have the Athletic Module Add on you will also have the option to choose Charting Treatment Notes and Injury Tracking

    Under the heading Access to Tracker and Groups select the appropriate information.

    Under the heading Access to Folders select No Folders.

    Under the heading Access to Treatment Notes select No Access to Treatment Notes.

    Under the heading Access to Requirements select No Requirements.


    • Tips and Tricks

    Please be cautious of your school’s privacy policy regarding student medication confidentiality before selecting this for a teacher/coach to view.

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