How to chart a visit

    in Student Medical RecordTreatment Notes

    Having a quick, convenient way to chart a visit is key when you have a high volume of students in and out of your office each day. The Charting tool is for use outside of accepting a visit from Check In.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Front Desk

    Go to Search Student Medical Record and click Search

    Click Add Treatment Note or Actions, click Add Treatment Note

    The assigned default template will be displayed

    Enter all data for the visit and click Save Treatment Note

    • Tips and Tricks

    Users with access to Check In will begin a treatment note upon accepting a visit.

    How to modify template view

    Users with access to multiple templates can modify their view by clicking Change next to the current template name.

    How to modify time & duration of visit
    For users that chart later in the day, Start time and/or Duration or End time can be modified. End time has a pre-built default, however it can be modified to match the exact duration for the visit.
    How to share treatment notes with parents
    Users can choose to share a treatment note with parents if necessary. The options are:

    Do not share with parents
    Share with parents – No Email
    Share with parents – Send Email

    The email notification simply alerts the parent that a new treatment note has been shared with them and to log into their Magnus Health account to review the details.

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