How to Complete a Screening for a Student or Faculty Member as an Admin

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    • Instructions for Completing a Screening for Students or Faculty Members

    1. Log into the Mobile App by entering your username and password or by using Biometric Authentication (Face ID or Touch ID)

    2. Search by Tracker, Group or individual student/faculty member by selecting the Tracker, the Group or by clicking the space next to the magnifying glass icon and typing the first few letters of the student’s/faculty member’s last name.

    3. Click the name of the student or faculty member you want to complete the assessment on.

    4. Click the COVID-19 Button.

    5. If there are multiple assessments to choose from you will see a list of those assessments. Click the one that you want to complete. If there is only one assessment, completing step 4 will take you directly to the assessment.

    6. Answer all multiple choice or short answer questions and click save.

    7. You will now see the STOP or GO result and associated message. The assessment has been completed and saved.


    • Video Tutorial


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