How to create a Smart List (video tutorial included)

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    The most efficient way to review incoming forms is by doing so one requirement at a time. This allows you to keep your focus on all Consent to Treat forms, for example, before moving on to the next requirement.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Front Desk.

    Click Smart Lists.

    Click Create.

    Name your Smart List.

    Select the tracker and group criteria by which you’d like to view your results. You build this criteria, so you can easily broaden or narrow your results.

    Click Add if you want to select more than one tracker.

    Select the requirement criteria to further filter your results.

    Click Add if you want to select criteria for more than one requirement.

    Click Save, or Save and View Results to see your list immediately.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Smart Lists are in alphabetical order.

    When creating a smart list, look at the criteria you’ve set, and make sure you’ve set it up as you’d like. You should be able to read it somewhat like a sentence.


    For example: I’ve selected the students in {TRACKER} who are in {GROUP}, who have {REQUIREMENT(S)} that meet {CRITERIA}. If you fill in the blanks, it might look like like: I’ve selected the students in Class of 2020 Tracker who are in Soccer Team group, who have Annual Physical Exam with a status of Approved.


    Your criteria can be this simple, or much more complex.

    How to review requirements from Smart Lists

    If there are requirements pending review in your smart list the orange Review Portal button will darken and have a circle with a number inside it. This number represents the number of forms, specified by the Smart List that are Pending Approval.

    Click the Review Portal button to be taken to the Reviewer Portal.

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