How to create treatment note templates and fields

    in Admin Dashboard

    When you have students visiting all day, you need a notes system that is simple yet powerful. Log a visit as quickly as students come and go from your health center, counseling department, or training room.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find Treatment Notes in the drop down list.

    To create a new template, click Note Templates.

    Click Add A Template

    Name the template, for example:Athletic Trainer Notes.

    As a default setting, you can choose to share with parents or not.

    Set a default duration of a student’s visit.

    Check the box, Use End Time, for a time in time out set up in your notes. End time allows you to input the exact time the student left, instead of using an estimated duration.  Warning: Once a template has been saved with Use End Time, it cannot be converted back to using duration.

    If you use the Check In feature, you will need to select the drop down list, i.e. Reasons for Visit, that you want your students to see.

    Once you’ve created the template, you must create the fields or sections to be included. For example, an athletic trainer may create a field named “Removed from play”.

    To create a note field, click Note Fields in the drop down menu.

    Click Add New Field.

    Give the field a name.

    Select the type of field you would like for the note using the drop down menu.

    A text box will simply display an empty box where the user can write detailed notes.

    For a drop down or multi-answer type, each list item needs to be entered separately under Name.

    For multi-answer, click Convert from your fields page. Warning: Once a dropdown list has been converted to a multi-select it cannot be converted back.

    Assign this field to all or some of the templates created in the account.

    Click Save Field.

    Click here for a video tutorial on how to create and customize treatment notes!

    • Tips and Tricks

    Users can only edit the notes they create.
    Note fields can only be deleted if they are not in use and templates cannot be deleted.

    How to reorder a list
    To reorder a list in a drop down or a multi-answer click on Note Fields and click Reorder next to the list you want to reorder. The list items that are currently in that field will appear.

    Click on the list item you would like and use the arrows to the left to move the item up or down.

    How to reorder fields
    Click Note Templates and then Reorder Fields.

    The fields that are currently in that template will appear.

    Click on the field you would like and use the arrows to the left to move the field up or down.

    How to create prefilled notes
    Prefilled notes to save time and improve efficiency.

    Click Note Templates.
    Next to the template you would like to change, click Prefilled Notes.

    Click Add New Prefilled Note. Name the prefilled note and fill in the desired information.

    Click Save Prefilled Note.

    When creating a note you will now have the option to select the prefilled note.

    How to access and assign treatment notes
    After you’ve created templates and fields, you need to assign user access and set the default template for each user.

    In the Admin Dashboard, click Users.

    Click Edit Preferences next to the applicable user.

    Select All, Select, or No access.

    Click Save.

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