How to create, edit, and archive a tracker

    in Admin Dashboard

    From the trackers menu, you can view all trackers related to this school. You can view and edit a Tracker’s deadline, reminder window, whether reminder emails are being sent, and whether a Tracker is published. You also have the options to view, edit, and archive a tracker. New trackers should be added each year prior to adding an incoming class. Old trackers should also be archived each year after the tracker has graduated.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find Trackers in the drop down list.

    Creating a New Tracker
    To create a new tracker, click New Tracker.

    Create a Tracker name and provide a description.

    Select a deadline.

    Determine the email settings (Email reminders are sent weekly to students)

    Publish the Tracker (You can publish later, but the tracker will not be available to students until it is published.)

    Be sure to click the Save button to complete the tracker setup.

    A new tracker will need to be added for the new incoming class each year. If your account is integrated with your student information system, new trackers must be added before the sync sends over the new class.

    TIP: Create trackers by graduating class or program.


    To view trackers, click View. This provides the user with the Tracker name and description, as well as the current requirements.

    To edit trackers, click Edit. This button gives you the option to edit tracker name, description, deadline, and email settings.

    Be sure to save when updating Trackers.

    Archive Trackers
    To archive a Tracker click Archive next to the Tracker. You will then get a window to confirm this action.

    Click Archive Tracker. All students on the Tracker will be archived.

    Enter your password for security purposes before the Tracker is archived.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Once a Tracker is archived it cannot be restored. However, an individual student may be reactivated from the Students menu by clicking View Archived Students, finding the student, and then clicking Reactivate.

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