How to customize and assign automatic email reminders

    in Admin Dashboard

    You have control over the frequency and content of the reminder emails sent to parents/students. You can set them up based off of deadline dates so you know parents/students are encouraged to complete their information in a timely manner.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find “Automatic Email  Reminders” in the drop down list.

    To customize automatic email reminders, click Add Email Reminder.

    The email reminder can be named according to the tracker (i.e. Magnus Upper School 9-12).

    To control the timing of when emails are sent, select the preferred day(s) from the dropdown list (only Tuesday, Thursday, or Tuesday and Thursday are available).

    Designate the reminder window periods for your automatic emails:

    Incomplete Requirements: send reminders up to 26 weeks before and after the deadline date.

    Next Action Requirements: send reminders up to 12 weeks before and after the deadline date.

    The default greeting may be edited or removed based on your preference for addressing email recipients.  “First name”, “First and Last Name” or “Do not add name” may be selected from the dropdown list.

    The “Body Text” can be customized specifically to what you want to relay to the recipient. An email preview pane is located to the right of the email settings.

    Click “Save Email Reminder” and you will return to the page where you may add another email reminder.

    To assign automatic email reminders to trackers, click Edit next to the desired tracker.

    To exclude parents from email reminders select your exclusion group under the Group(s) to Exclude:. You will need to create a group of exclusions.

    Select the appropriate Deadline and the desired email template under Automatic Email Reminder.
    Click Save.

    Click Here to see a video on best practices for email reminders.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Email reminders cannot be deleted when currently in use.

    Information in the requirement digest and email footer cannot be customized.

    How to distinguish between reminder types
    Reminder emails: Sent in digest format on a weekly basis and contain a list of outstanding requirements. Users receive one email per student account. These emails are triggered based on deadline dates that are configured in the account.

    Incomplete email reminders: Include the annual deadline for submitting all school health forms, and list those items that must be completed before the start of a new school year. An item is incomplete if no prior documentation has been submitted to Magnus.

    Next action reminders: Are specific to the student and requirement. They are triggered based on a date that is assigned once a document has been approved during the review process. The email reminders communicate the next action date and any specific details entered at the time of review.Next action dates and details can be defaulted to minimize the amount of time spent reviewing requirements.

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