How to Fix “Create Password” Email Sending User to Login Page



    User of Magnus (Parent, faculty or school admin) receives a create account or reset password email from Magnus. Upon clicking reset, user is incorrectly routed to our login page.


    Identified/Known Cause

    The URL at the top of your page (when rerouted to the Login Page) likely looks like this string below.  Our system is intermittently (not for all users) adding values to the URL that should not be there causing your issue.  We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible, but wanted to provide you with information on how to resolve this on your own without the need to contact support.

    ⇓ INCORRECT URL EXAMPLE ⇓;jsessionid=C1D946FD750144CD182830ACB4BAD75D?token=2oS39pNtlvqflu7C3kA1h

    Note: the highlighted text above shows the added, unnecessary values that need to be removed.

    Resolution Instructions

    If you find yourself at the Magnus Login Page after following the buttons to reset or create your password from a Magnus Email, please stay on that screen, and perform the following steps:

    • At the top of your browser, find the URL box. Locate the JsessionID information using the below step.
    • In the middle of the URL, find the semi-colon (;), and highlight all characters from the semicolon up to, but excluding the question mark (?).
    • Delete the characters that you highlighted.


    • Your URL should now look something like the below example.
    • Click Enter to go to this URL address. You should now be able to create or reset your password for your account.
      • User Permissions Required For This Guide