How to merge existing requirements


    Some accounts have requirements that are eligible to be merged. Requirements are eligible to be merged if they are segmented to one tracker. Below is an example to illustrate how this works. You will notice multiple requirements named “Physical Exam” that are all segmented to one tracker. With the new Requirement Library you can reuse requirements across multiple (or all) trackers. In this example, we are going to merge all “Physical Exams” into one requirement on all trackers.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Click Admin > Requirement Library

    Click the Merge Requirements button

    Select the Requirement Type you would like to merge (You can only merge the same requirement type) and click Continue

    You will see a drop down list for every tracker that has a requirement available to merge. You are required to make a selection from each tracker. If you do not want to merge a requirement from one tracker just select “I Do Not Want To Merge A Requirement From This Tracker” and click Next

    Create your new requirement and click Go To Final Review

    Review your new requirement to make sure everything is correct and click Publish New Requirement

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide
    Administrator Only