How to obtain a blank form for a student

    in Student Health Tracker

    There are a few scenarios that may require you to provide a form by hand, via email or U.S. mail. No worries; the functionality to print a blank form for a specific student exists.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Student Health Tracker.

    Enter the name of the student into the Search by Student field.

    Select preferred student and click Search.

    Find the name of the Requirement and then locate the Actions column to the far right of that requirement.

    Click the Cog icon associated with the required form.

    Select Print Form.

    The required coversheet and blank form will download to your computer. You can now print or save (to email) the form.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Blank forms and the associated coverpage are coded specific to the student’s account. The forms should not be used by another student.

    Please access the form from the Requirement Library within the Admin Dashboard if you want to obtain a blank copy of the form for internal use.

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