How to prepare for your kickoff call

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    Welcome to Magnus Health. We believe in a hands-on approach to ensure your school account is setup for success. We will provide you with all of the resources and training to complete the implementation process. Read this guide now to maximize our time together on the first kickoff call. On our first call we will:

    • Meet your Implementation Task Force.
    • Review your current health forms.
    • Identify your launch date and agree on a set timeline.
    • Discuss best practices for moving forward.
    • Finalize selections for your account setup.
    • Demonstrate the parent view.
    • Begin the training process for administrators in the account.
    • Step-by-Step Checklist

    Please review and complete the following checklist before our kickoff call:

    1. Establish your Implementation Task Force

    We have found the most efficient and seamless implementations occur when school stakeholders are identified and involved in the process. In addition to school health officials from your Health and Athletics departments, typical Task Force members are representatives from Admissions, Technology, and/or Communications departments. It is essential to convene before the kickoff call to understand the needs of each department and their respective timelines and processes. You should also discuss and explain the goals of using Magnus, and gather a list of questions before connecting with your Client Experience Manager.

    2. Send your health forms

    Please send a copy (preferably .doc) of each health form that you currently collect to your Magnus Client Experience Manager, along with a brief description of how each form is used. The seven different types of requirements that Magnus offers to choose from are below:

    Vital Health Record
    The Vital Health Record takes pages and pages of health history paperwork required at every doctor’s visit, and converts them into a single, online health history. Typically, the Vital Health Record replaces 4-6 forms you currently collect annually, eliminating paperwork and repetitive information. You will select the Vital Health Record template for your account in the next step of this guide.

    Electronically Signed Document

    With Electronically Signed Documents, schools can create forms within their account, customize it to include fields like student and parent name, and enable parents to sign the document exclusively online. There’s no printing, signing, uploading, faxing, or mailing involved in Electronically Signed Documents.

    Print and Sign
    This requirement is for printed forms, and provides parents with the form to complete. A print and sign requirement can also include a conditional question that will only require parents to download and print the form if they answer “yes.”

    A print and sign requirement can also include a conditional question that will allow parents to only be prompted to download the form if they answer “yes.”

    Yes/No Authorization
    A yes/ no requirement type is not linked to a form, it simply requires a “yes” or “no” answer. In addition, you can include a link to a URL or a document for a parent to review before completing the Yes/No Authorization.

    Text Authorization
    A text box requirement does not include a form, but allows parents to input information via a text box.

    Over-the-Counter Medication Form
    The OTC form is set up as a Print and Sign form that allows you to track the over the counter medications students are permitted to take while at school. This feature enhances your efficiency and increases safety for students. You will no longer need to consult the forms submitted by parents.

    Prescription Medication Form
    The Prescription Medication Form is set up as a Print and Sign form that allows you to reconcile prescription information from the doctor with the information entered by the parent in the Vital Health Record.

    Students with prescription medication forms on file are listed within this application. The Medication Schedule is set up when reconciling the prescription medications in the account. The schedule displays according to medication administration times selected.

    3. Review Vital Health Record templates

    Our Vital Health Record is an online student health history form which is available in two templates. Please be sure your school nurse (or appropriate representative in the absence of a school nurse) reviews both templates before our kickoff call. They can do so by clicking the links below.

    4. Consider sample action plans

    Do you currently collect an action plan for students that have conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or food allergies? Where applicable, it is a best practice to have these on file. Before our kickoff call, please be sure your school nurse (or appropriate representative in the absence of a school nurse) reviews the following templates:

    5. Complete account setup form

    Please complete the account setup form that is included in your welcome email from your Client Experience Manager.

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