How to setup a “Reason for Visit”

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    Some schools want their students to select a Reason for Visit when they check themselves in. Some schools do not. The choice is yours and there is truly no “right way”.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Go to Note Fields under the heading Treatment Notes.

    Create a Reason for Visit field (If a Reason for Visit already exists, you can move onto the next step):

    Click Add New Field
    Type Reason for Visit in the Field Name
    Change the Type to Dropdown List.
    Enter a reason name in the open text box and click Add Name.
    Continue adding all possible reason names.
    Click the radio button Some Templates.
    Click on the name of the Treatment Note to assign this to, for example Nurse Note.
    Click Save Field.

    On your Admin Dashboard, go to Note Templates under the heading Treatment Notes.

    Go to Reorder Fields for Nurse Notes.

    Move the Reason for Visit to the top of the list and click Save.

    Go to Edit for Nurse Notes.

    Select Reason for Visit under Check In Reasons For Visit Dropdown.

    • Tips and Tricks

    You are now ready to begin using the Check In feature with a Reason for Visit option turned on. If at any time you want to turn this option off, simply change back to No Selection under Check In Reasons For Visit Dropdown.

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