How to setup the student kiosk

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    A school user must setup the student kiosk. Once the session is started it does not time out. When students use this site, they are not able to access any confidential health information they can only confirm their name, date of birth, and grade.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to

    Type your Magnus username and password and click Submit.

    Select among the following options:

    Display touch screen keyboard Only select this option if you need to have a keyboard displayed on the screen. This allows a student to use the mouse to select characters rather than typing their last name. Keep in mind, this selection is not necessary for those devices that already display keyboards, i.e. iPads.

    Allow student multiple check-ins per template within a single session. Select this option if you would like to allow a student multiple check-ins within a given day.

    Use Dropdown Reasons List This ensures students have a dropdown list to log their reason for visiting. This can be a list of common complaints. The list must be already set up in a treatment note. Students cannot type their reason for visit when checking in.

    Select a Template One treatment note template must be designated for Check In. The template can be modified at the time a note is charted for a student.

    Select the Check-In Template To Use from the dropdown list, for example Nurse Notes.

    Click Start Check-In.

    • Tips and Tricks
    Magnus Student Check In

    Bookmark Check In in your web browser

    Open this user guide from the computer you are going to use for students to check in. (1) Click and drag the orange 'Magnus Student Check In' button to the bookmarks toolbar in your web browser -Or- (2) Right click the button and add it to your bookmarks.

    How a student can check in
    Students can now enter their last name and begin to check in.

    To check in, students search by last name and a list of matches are returned on the results screen. The list includes student name, date of birth and grade/tracker.

    If a Reason for Visit dropdown list has been configured, the student will need to select a reason for the visit.

    Once a selection is made, a confirmation page is displayed and the screen resets to log another check in.

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide
    Patient Check In