How to setup Vital Health Record settings

    in Vital Health Record

    This menu allows you to determine what fields and questions should be shown, whether fields are optional or required, and set a minimum number of answers for applicable sections of the VHR.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find Vital Health Record Settings in the drop down list and click Go when highlighted.

    • Tips and Tricks
    How to Select Default or Custom Guidelines

    Each section of the VHR has the option to select default or custom guidelines.

    Click Edit/View next to the guidelines for each section.

    A window will display the default guidelines. If custom guidelines are necessary, select Yes next to Use my custom guidelines.

    How to Configure Minimum Requirements

    If a minimum number of answers is applicable for a particular section of the VHR, click Edit next to the current number of required answers and enter the minimum number of answers you want a user to enter.

    How to Configure Fields

    Although international cell phone numbers are accepted in the Health Emergency Contact section of the VHR, they cannot receive Magnus911 notifications via text.

    To configure, click Edit next to the desired section.

    In the sections of the VHR you can make each field or question optional, required, or hidden from users.

    • Optional – The field or question will display, but the user will not be required to answer it in order to save and submit for review.
    • Required – The user will have to answer the field or question before saving the section and moving on.
    • Hidden – The user will not see the field or question.

    When the fields have been assigned, click Save Fields. Once the fields are saved they will be reflected in the VHR for users. Any required fields will be identified by a red asterisk, optional fields will be blank, and hidden fields will not be visible. Hidden fields will also not display in exported results.

    Fields displayed on the Magnus911 card
    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Search Student Medical Record and click Search.

    Click Actions, Print Magnus 911 Card

    Select which fields to show on the 911 card

    Once the chosen fields are selected, click Print 911 Card

    How to add a Custom Section

    In the last section of the VHR settings, you have the ability to add a custom section of yes or no questions.

    • Custom section titles can be renamed.
    • Custom sections will not be displayed to parents until your first question has been created and saved.
    • Once a question has been created and answered by a parent it can only be deleted and not edited.
    • These questions will not appear on the 911 card.

    To add a question, click Edit next to Name Your Custom Section Here.

    Enter the Section Name, type your question, then click Add Question.

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide
    Administrator Only