How to update account name, reply to, phone number, billing address

    in Admin Dashboard

    This screen gives the user the capability to provide the account name, reply to email address, phone number, and billing address.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Go to Settings under Account.

    To determine your Account Name, consider that it is also the default “From Name” that people will see when you email tracker notifications and expiration alerts. You should make your account name as concise as possible so it is easily recognizable.

    Click Save if you update your account name.

    To determine your Reply To, consider that it is the email address that students will respond to with questions or comments regarding reminders and notifications. This is the email address used to ensure students are able to get in touch with the correct person at your school. Your default Reply To can be updated at any time by selecting the desired email address from the drop down menu.

    Click Save if you update your Reply To email address.

    To determine your account phone number, remember this number is only used if the Magnus Health client and/or customer service teams need to contact you regarding your account. This number is not distributed to parents or students.

    Click Save if you update your phone number.

    To update your billing address, type the address in the provided text boxes.

    Click Save if you update your billing address.

    You also have the option to upload your school logo.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Default Reply To address is limited to account administrators only. However, if you allow a user to send emails or rejections to students, the user’s name will be set as the “From Name” and their email address will be the Reply To address.

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide
    Administrator Only