How to upload a record for a student

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    No matter how hard you try to avoid it, completed requirements from parents will sometimes end up on your desk. So you will need a quick, convenient way to get it into the student’s electronic file.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Scan the completed requirement form into your computer and save it with an appropriate name in PDF format. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to do this step first before doing anything else.

    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Student Health Tracker.

    Select the appropriate student* under Search by Student and click Search.

    (You may begin typing the last name of the student and the system will show a list of matching students.)

    Locate the requirement you’d like to answer, and click on the gear icon beside it. Click Answer Requirement. If you are replacing a requirement that has already been uploaded, first click Clear Answer. This will NOT notify the parent. Then select Answer Requirement.

    Browse your computer for the appropriate PDF file.

    Once you have selected the PDF record, click Upload Record.

    • Tips and Tricks
    Uploading multiple records
    After selecting the appropriate student, follow the steps below:

    Click the wheel icon under the Actions heading for the requirement you need to upload multiple pages.

    Click Answer Requirement and browse your computer for the appropriate PDF file.

    If you need to add more than one page you can click the green icon next to “Have more than one page? Add another.”

    Once you have selected the PDF record, you will have the option to Upload Record or Upload Record and Review.

    Selecting Upload Record
    If you click Upload Record it will upload the document and attach it to the requirement but will not review the document. The requirement status will be marked as Pending Approval.

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