How to Use Conditional Questions

    in Admin Dashboard

    The Conditional Questions feature allows your school to display forms for parents based on a Yes or No question response. This feature operates by adding a student to a group of your choice if the parent responds “Yes” to a particular question. When requirements are set to display to a specific group, this feature can be used very effectively to target forms to only certain groups without having to set the group membership prior to publishing the form.

    You will need to go to Groups within the Admin Dashboard and create any desired groups before taking the below steps..

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dasboard.

    Go to Conditional Questions.

    Enter your question and choose your group. (Remember to phrase this as a Yes/No question.)

    If you do not want to have this question drive any forms to populate in the Parent Requirements List, you may stop here. This question will simply add students to the group you chose as they answer “Yes”. If you would like to tie forms to this response, continue with the below steps.

    From the dropdown at the top of your screen, choose Requirement Library.

    Scroll to the desired Requirement and click Edit.

    At the top right, choose Select Trackers and Groups.

    Ensure that the group you have selected in Step 3 Above is selected. If selected, you will see it highlighted in blue.

    If you need to create a requirement from scratch, follow the instructions on How to Create Requirements

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide
    Access To Requirements | Access To Trackers and Groups | Administrator Only | Student Health Tracker