How to utilize digital authorization

    in Admin Dashboard

    Most forms that only solicit a parent’s signature are candidates for digital authorization. We offer this feature to lessen the burden for you and your parents from year to year when the information contained within a document is not likely to change. Using this feature will allow parents to digitally authorize  a signature on a form as long as nothing has changed since the previous year.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Please note that the following instructions only apply to Print and Sign documents. Print and Sign is the only requirement that has the digital authorization feature.

    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    To allow a form to be digitally authorized, select Requirement Library and find the requirement you would like to change.

    Click Edit.

    Under Review Portal Settings, check the boxes Approve/Reject, Next Action Date and then Digital Authorization.

    A blank box will appear and you can insert the question you’d like to ask parents. We recommend: “Do you authorize the use of this document for the upcoming school year?”

    You will click a default action date.

    Please note: the default action date is default date in the review portal. It will not change any dates that have already been approved in the review portal.

    Click Save .

    In subsequent years, parents will still log in the same way and click on the Print and Sign next to the desired form.

    A pop up window will display the original form and a Yes or No question at the bottom.

    Clicking Yes will prompt the user to save the form and exit; Clicking No will prompt the user to download a blank form with a cover page to fill out and resubmit.


    About the E-Sign Act

    The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act) allows the use of electronic records to satisfy any statute, regulation, or rule of law requiring that such information be provided in writing.

    What forms can use the digitally authorized feature?

    Magnus encourages schools to consider those forms that only require a parent signature with content that is not likely to change from year to year. This will also depend on state laws or school policy.

    Is this legal?

    Yes! In accordance with the E Sign Act described above, a digital authorized signature is just as effective as a handwritten signature.

    What if the parent does not want to digitally authorize a form?

    If a user/ parent’s information has changed or they do not wish to digitally authorize their signature they simply click “no” to complete and upload a new form into the student account again.

    How do we know who authorized the signature?

    There is a log associated with every form of this type in the software. Whenever the user updates a form there is a record of this activity and the time stamp associated with it.

    What if I chose not to use this feature?

    Using this feature is not mandatory in any way. If your school decides not to use the feature then parents will complete forms the same way every year.

    If the parent chooses to digitally authorize a form does it have to be reviewed again?

    No. The only records that will need to be reviewed again are records that are uploaded into the system again. If a user declines the authorization they will have to upload a new record and therefore it will need to be reviewed.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Once a username is created, it cannot be changed.

    How to log a re-authorized form
    A separate page appended to the bottom of the reauthorized form will be updated to reflect the date, time and person who authorized the form annually. This tracking can be viewed by accessing the document in the requirement library. Click View Record.

    The form will display along with the re-authorization log as the last page of the document.

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