New Features Under Development (August 26th, 2020)

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    Features Coming Soon to COVID-19 Parent Attestation App
    Scheduled for August 26th, 2020 (Subject to Change)

    Covid-19 Reports available to Non-Admin Magnus School users
    Magnus will be creating a left side navigation icon on the home page of Magnus Health to allow quick access to run reports for all school users.  This will allow schools to prevent granting full administrator access to employees who may be in charge of student screening upon morning attendance.  This will include User-Based Security protocols to ensure that the user is only able to see report outputs for the students in which you have provided them access.
    Adding COVID-19 Requirement to Student Health Tracker
    This addition will allow you to see the COVID-19 Attestation responses directly within the list of other requirements on a students Student Health Tracker list.
    Ability to view daily responses to the attestation submissions

    School users will be able to select from  previous dates via our history audit log to see previous responses and the daily responses. 

    Adding Student Name to 'Go' or 'No-Go' Messaging

    On the final screen of the attestation application, where parents are instructed on their student’s attendance recommendations, we will be including the student’s name within the message.

    Parent Recall of Go or No Go Message within App

    Allow parents to recall final ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’ message for that day.  Currently, in our first iteration, parents cannot recall the message without re-completing the set of questions in the attestation.  For now, we suggest that if you are requiring parents to present the message, that you ask them to take a screenshot upon completion to present at drop off.  

    Add Section for Freeform text prior to the questions
    We will allow for a set of text to be displayed prior to completion or display of the questions in the self-attestation section.  This will allow schools to provide explanatory text, school attendance policy information, and/or other legalise for parents to read and review.

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