How to print all requirement answers

    in Admin Dashboard

    This menu gives administrators the ability to bulk print forms submitted for a single requirement by downloading them into one, multi-page PDF document. Administrators can create this PDF for any segment, i.e. by all trackers (class years), a single tracker or by groups.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find Additional Features in the drop down and select Print All Requirement Answers.

    To print requirements, first determine whether you want to print by tracker or groups.

    Click Show All Trackers (or Groups) to view segmentation of your students.

    Under the Actions column, click Create next to the segment you would like to print.

    You will then see that the PDF is generating. This process may take a few minutes. It is okay to go to another part of the account while you wait.

    You may also click the circle icon to refresh the page and see if the link is ready.

    Once your PDF has been generated, click Download to print.


    To determine what is missing from your printed requirements, note the Exception Reports.

    If forms are missing, pending approval or have been rejected, an exception report will clearly outline those exceptions for ease with tracking.

    Click Report to access this information.

    The report will include the student’s name and date of birth for each type of exception. It will also list the names of students for which a conditional question is “not applicable” and for any files with errors. Archived students will not be included.

    An Exception Report will be available for each download generated.

    • Tips and Tricks

    To ensure printing of the most up-to-date requirements, this PDF will be deleted after 48 hours.  You can create a new PDF at any time.  A time stamp will be present to indicate when the 48 hour window began.

    How to print all using the Prescription Medication module
    If you are using the Prescription Medication feature in your account, all documents associated with that requirement will be shown in date order. Digitally reauthorized documents will include the signed document and the appended digital signature page that shows the date the parent reauthorized the form from year to year.
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