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    Please keep in mind that what is displayed on the Student Medical Record will depend on what the user’s privileges are and what they have access to. If the user does not have access to treatment notes then treatment notes will not be displayed.


    It is important to have everything you need in one location so that charting the care for your students is easy. The Student Medical Record is the place where all of the data meets in Magnus Health. Allergies, current and past medications, medical history are all accessible from this page. Other important features such as Treatment Notes, Fax to Provider, OTC medication tracking, Prescription Medications and Immunizations and the student’s Magnus 911 number/card are all found on this page.


    The Student Medical Records (SMR) Search is a convenient tool to use if you want a snapshot view of a student’s information.


    User Details

    In the left hand corner the student’s information is displayed including DOB, tracker, groups he or she belongs to (if any), the current status of his or her Magnus 911 card and also where the card can be printed.


    Medicine Center

    The medicine center will display Over the Counter and Prescription link if your school has those features active.

    By clicking on the Over the Counter link a window will appear with the medications the student is permitted or not permitted to be administered.

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    By clicking on the Prescription link a window will be displayed with that student’s current medications and forms. To view the prescription medical form, click on the form name on the right side. The form name will appear under “viewing prescription medication form”



    If your school has turned on the Immunization feature you can click “view” next to Immunization and a new window will appear with the students inputted immunizations. This document can also be printed.


    Student Health Tracker

    Under Student Health Tracker the amount of completed requirements will be displayed as well as how many requirements are pending approval. Clicking “View” next to Student Health Tracker will bring you to the Student Health Tracker page.


    Vital Health Record

    On the top of the Student Medical Record you are able to View the Vital Health Record even if it has not been submitted yet. You are able to view the information that the parent has entered before submitting by clicking View next to Vital Health Record. Clicking “Summary” will display Student Information, Allergies, Medications, and any questions that have been answered yes to in the vital health record.


    Fax to Provider

    Fax to Provider will do exactly as it sounds. It will allow you to fax records to a doctor’s office as long as the number is a US number. To access Fax to Provider you need to go to Actions, Fax to Provider. You can then choose which records you would like to fax.


    Allergies, Medications, and Medical History

    The links below Allergies, Medication and Medical History are all linked to the Vital Health Record. For allergies and medications if the student has inputted information a blue linked “yes” will appear below and will display the coordinating information when clicked. For the Medical History a blue linked “view” will be displayed and will display any questions that have been answered with a “yes” in the vital health record


    Emergency Contacts

    On the Student Medical Record Page the student’s emergency contacts will be displayed.


    Treatment Notes

    Also, where treatment notes are added.



    Lastly, the Student Medical Record houses a place for folders.

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