How to edit, archive, and reactivate students

    in Admin Dashboard

    Editing, archiving, and reactivating students are important tasks, and give you the ability to ensure your student information is current. This article will help you navigate the Students menu.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Front Desk.

    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Find Students in the drop down list.

    To edit a student, click Edit next to the student’s name. This link will take you to the screen where you can change a student’s tracker and/or groups.

    When finished editing be sure to click the “Save Student” button.

    To archive a student, click Archive next to the student’s name. This link will confirm you want to archive the student.

    To continue, click Yes. The student will then be archived.

    You can also archive by clicking Edit next to the student’s name.  The Archive button will be at the bottom.

    Archiving a student disables their account. The student will no longer appear in the current students list; however all of their data and documents will be stored.

    To view archived students, click View Archived Students.

    Click View next to the student you’d like to view. This link will allow you to view records that have been uploaded and attached to the student’s account. Notes associated with the student’s account can be viewed from this screen, and you can print all the student’s records. You will have the option to view archived students in all trackers or limit your viewing to certain trackers.

    To reactivate a student, click View Archived Students.

    Click Reactivate next to the student’s name.

    Select a tracker for the student.

    Click Reactivate User.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Once a student is archived, they will not receive reminder emails, and will be unable to access any trackers in your account.

    How to determine if you should archive a student
    You may archive a student if they left your school or program, never enrolled in the program, graduated, or so that they are no longer considered an active user for billing purposes.
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