Understanding the Parent Experience

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    Viewing & Submit Student’s Requirements

    A Parent/guardian will be brought to their Front Desk upon log in. If it is their first time logging in they will see an introductory video showing parents how to use their account.

    On their Front Desk they will see several areas:

      1. Their student(s) will be listed by their name and class year.
      2. Next to their student’s name(s) they will see an orange button that will have an action on it.
      3. View More will allow the parent to print the student’s 911 card or view Treatment Notes that have been shared with parent.
      4. The drop down under the parent’s name will allow the parent to change their password.
      5. Parents can download the new Personal Health Record (PHR) App. The PHR provides self-service functionality for parents or students to have access to the health information that is entered into a student’s Magnus account, receive notifications via the app and soon will come the availability for parents to upload forms through the app.
      6. The Need Help button provides parents/guardians with access to help articles and resources along with the Magnus Help Desk phone number and chat.

    Steps to Complete Requirements
      Step 1. Parent will select Complete Now to enter the student’s Student Health Tracker.

      Step 2. Parent will see list of requirements with action items next to the name of each requirement.

      Step 3. Parent can click Fill it out to answer the requirement, Turn it in to upload a Print & Sign requirement, or answer Yes/No to a conditional question. If a parent has already submitted information they will see Edit next to the requirement where they can edit the information at any time. They can also View Answer.

      Step 4. Based off of the action, the parent will then be prompted to fill out information or upload a completed form.

    If a parent has submitted information in the past and it has expired, they will see Fill it out next to the requirements with the expiration date and link to view details for the Next Action date.


    Click Here to view a video of the parent experience.

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