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    Welcome to Magnus! This checklist is a great place to start to become familiar with your account.

    • Review Portal
    Accessing the Review Portal
      Users have several ways to review pending requirements through the three review portals (the Prescription, Immunization, and Regular Review Portal). To get to your review portal simply search the Student Health Tracker, Build a Smart List or go to your Tracker Summary Page.

    Video tutorial on navigating your Review Portal.
    How to use the Tracker Summary

    Reviewing Requirements and Tracking Compliance
      Once you have entered the review portal you will be able to review requirements for students, accept or reject forms and mark requirements with a next action date or as complete.

    Reviewing Requirements Video Tutorial

    How to accept requirements in the review portal
    Click the radio button next to Accept.

    If this form has a unique expiration date, enter that date in the box next to Next Action Date.

    Do not click the box for Complete-No Next Action Date needed as this will mark the requirement as Complete forever and will prevent automated email reminders to go to the parent for a new form once the form expires.

    Click Next which will save this requirement and move to the next item.

    How to reject requirements in the review portal
    Click on the radio button next to Reject.

    Select one of the Common Rejection Reasons listed. Whether you choose one of the preformatted reasons or Other, you will have the opportunity to enter additional text/instructions to the parent in the box Custom Message.

    Click the box for Email myself to be BCC on the email.

    Click Next which will save this requirement and move to the next item.

    • Prescription Management
    Adding Prescription Medications in Magnus

    The Prescription Tracker allows you to manage all of the data for medications given at school. Ensuring that a doctor has signed a form and getting the administration details into a charting format can both be performed on one convenient screen.

    Click Here to View the Prescription Management Webinar
    • Immunization Tracking
    Inputting Immunizations in Magnus

    Segregating all immunization requirements into a specialized review portal allows for an efficient review process. A split screen allows you to review and input the necessary information all at the same time. You can even set next dose dates so that the system will automatically remind parents when an upcoming immunization will be due.

    Click Here to View the Immunization Management Webinar
    • Documenting Treatment Notes
    Adding a Treatment Note

    Having a quick, convenient way to chart a visit is key when you have a high volume of students in and out of your office each day. The Charting tool is for use outside of accepting a visit from Check In.

    Go to Search Student Medical Record and click Search

    Click Add Treatment Note or Actions, click Add Treatment Note

    The assigned default template will be displayed

    Enter all data for the visit and click Save Treatment Note

    Click Here to View the Best Practices for Documenting in Magnus Webinar

    • Building Smart Lists
    How to Create a Smart List

    Smart Lists provide a quick and easy way to save and view reports for students who are non-compliant, have a specific requirement complete, certain health conditions, etc. See below for how to easily build your own custom Smart Lists.

    Click Here for a Step by Step Video Tutorial
    Go to Front Desk.

    Click Smart Lists.

    Click Create.

    Name your Smart List.

    Select the tracker and group criteria by which you’d like to view your results. You build this criteria, so you can easily broaden or narrow your results.

    Click Add if you want to select more than one tracker.

    Select the requirement criteria to further filter your results.

    Click Add if you want to select criteria for more than one requirement.

    Click Save, or Save and View Results to see your list immediately.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Smart Lists are in alphabetical order.

    When creating a smart list, look at the criteria you’ve set, and make sure you’ve set it up as you’d like. You should be able to read it somewhat like a sentence.


    For example: I’ve selected the students in {TRACKER} who are in {GROUP}, who have {REQUIREMENT(S)} that meet {CRITERIA}. If you fill in the blanks, it might look like like: I’ve selected the students in Class of 2020 Tracker who are in Soccer Team group, who have Annual Physical Exam with a status of Approved.


    Your criteria can be this simple, or much more complex.

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