COVID-19 Reports for Accessing Daily Assessment Data

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    First, navigate to COVID-19 Reports:

    • Login to Magnus Health
    • Hover over your name in the top left of the screen
    • Click “Admin” (you will only see this as an administrator of Magnus)
    • Scroll to Reports
    • Click on “Covid-19 Reports”

    Important Note: All report filters use “AND” logic. This means that if you are looking to run a report for all student, please deselect all groups and choose “All Trackers”. Since all students are NOT in all groups, the and logic will often filter out students when choosing all groups.

    COVID-19 Detail Report (NEW!)

    The purpose of this report is provide the school with a list of individuals who have the survey completed and present all specific answers to each question presented. This report will show all submissions within the selected date range. If a survey has been submitted multiple times in the selected date range, all responses will display. The following columns of data will be present within this report:

    • Requirement name
    • Last Name
    • First name
    • DOB
    • MHPID
    • Group
    • Tracker
    • Submission Date – to include date and timestamp
    • Question
    • Response

    COVID-19 Assessment Results for Students and Faculty

    The purpose of this report is provide the school with a list of students who have received a negative (no-go) message when they submitted the assessment form. The report will contain 1 row per student per submission.

    Notes: This report will show all “STOP” responses within a the selected date range if a parent has multiple submissions. This report has also been updated to sort by Last Name and show the Requirement Name in the event a school has multiple surveys published.

    COVID -19 Summary Report for Responses Report

    The purpose of this report is to allow schools to determine which symptoms (or Questions) that are the most reported for students. We think that schools will be able to use this to determine if weights and or thresholds will need to be changed. The counts will be a summary for the date range selected. (i.e. if the start date is Aug 1 and the end date is Aug 8 – the counts would be the sum of responses for all of the days between Aug 1 and Aug 8).

    Notes: Report only shows the responses selected does not show responses with 0.

    COVID-19 Non-Compliant Students and Faculty Report

    The purpose of the report is to allow schools to see which students/faculty members have not submitted an assessment form today. Additionally it will provide a count of how many times it has not been submitted within the last 7 days. This will exclude weekends, but it will include school holidays.

    Notes: When schools have an Auto-Evaluation Requirement that has been deleted, and the default values of “All Trackers and All Groups” are selected, the report will show students who do not have an active Auto-Evaluation requirement. Our current workaround for schools is to only select the trackers and groups with requirements.

    Footnote: Any deleted Auto-Evaluation (COVID-19) Requirements will not show up on the below reports.

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