How to review and input immunizations

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    Segregating all immunization requirements into a specialized tracker allows for efficient management of the data. A split screen allows you to review and input the necessary information all at the same time. You can even set next dose dates so that the system will automatically remind parents when an upcoming immunization will be due.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Front Desk.

    Click on the icon for Immunizations.

    Under the heading, Search by Compliance, select Pending Approval and click Search.

    Click on the words Immunizations Need Review in the yellow box.

    Click on the title of the form at the top of the left portion of your screen. The image of the document will then appear in the right portion of your screen. Enter the dates for each immunization as it appears on the imaged document.

    Next Dose Date will trigger an automated email reminder to the parent with the instructions that you have entered in the Next Dose Details.

    For any immunization that is Not Compliant, a box will at the bottom of the left portion of the screen for Send rejected email. Enter instructions for the parent to read in the Rejected Email Body.

    • Tips and Tricks
    How to use the set all status
    You will have the option to Set All Statuses. For example, if this student is complete with all immunizations and will not require any future doses, you can select Series Complete and click Set All Statuses.
    How to set titers, waivers, medical exemptions, and disease dates
    Additionally, you can set any status to Titer, Waiver, Medical Exemption or Disease Date if applicable.
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