Re-enrollment Checklist

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    We know you are about to embark upon a busy time of year. While gearing up for the new school year, think of this checklist as that little string around your finger! As you review remember to contact the Client Services Team if you would like us to answer any questions you may have.

    The following sample letter may be provided to parents of returning students. This letter assists with possible questions and concerns of parents pertaining to year two with Magnus SMR.

    Existing Parent Reminder Letter Template

    New Parent Letter Template

    Help Desk Fact Sheet for parents

    This is the time to review overall school compliance and consider your approach to ensuring that information is secure and flows properly to the appropriate people.  The Annual Checklist should be reviewed each Spring for important steps to take in this process. Consult your Admin Dashboard for the items below.

    Annual Checklist

    • Users

    Seasons change…so do staff, phone numbers, and emails. Make sure you review your admin and user information. You may need to add or change the contact information or privileges of your admins and/or users. Archive any users that no longer need access to Magnus. Please be sure that any new admins and/or users have been trained on the system prior to the start of the school year.

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    • Students/Parents

    Now is the time to review your student roster and to verify which students are active and which students are no longer enrolled. You may need to archive, reactivate students, or change trackers. You can archive an entire class year in the Tracker Menu. You may need to archive withdrawn students as well. Archiving students will prevent the ability to track treatment notes on them, so please plan accordingly. If you want to stop emails for withdrawn students during this time, you should update the status for each requirement to “Complete”.

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    In order to ensure greater compliance, parents will receive reminders during the time frame you have selected from the next action date. Make sure to customize your automatic email reminders.  Note the sample letter linked above. If you need to edit any information for returning parents, it is easy to do so.  Also, consider if any new parents/students need to be added to the system. Any roster files processed by Magnus will incur a fee per import so make sure your technical contact is trained to use the Auto Roster Import feature. You must upload the file according to the required format to avoid account duplication or unauthorized access. Returning parents will use the same username and password from previous years.

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    • Settings
    Review the information in your school profile. Make sure the phone number listed is associated with the staff person who will need to be contacted in the event Magnus needs to direct a parent to the school in situations that warrant such action.

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    • Trackers
    Now is the time to review the most effective tool for organizing your students within the system: Trackers. You may be using trackers as your graduating class years, so you will need to add the new incoming class for next year to your account. If your account is integrated with your student information system, new trackers must be added before the sync sends over the new class. Make sure to modify reminder email windows or update deadlines if they have changed.

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    • Groups
    If applicable, don’t forget to manage your groups; review them to make sure you remove and add students as necessary. At this time you cannot delete a group. If you no longer need a specific group, after you remove all students, you can rename it for later use.  If applicable, be sure the appropriate requirement is associated with the group.

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    • Requirements
    Although we’ve significantly lightened your paper load, we probably haven’t quite deprogrammed you from dreading that summer mailing project. So…you must not forget to review your forms! If you need to add a new requirement, form, or update an existing form, you have the tools within the Admin Dashboard.

    We recommend that you remove information from your forms that date the material, i.e. references to the 2015-2016 school year or return by August 15, 2015.  We also want to encourage you to review forms for duplication, such as repeated requests to list allergies across three forms. Remember the Vital Health Record captures the student’s full medical history.

    Think about whether or not some of your current forms or new forms can actually be an ESD (Electronically Signed Document).  This will lesson the number of forms a parent has to print for signing.

    You will want to think about the deadline for submittal of each of your requirements. Within your account this is called the next action date and is the trigger used to send out reminder emails during the time frame you have selected. We encourage you to set your email reminder window according to when you want parents to be prompted to take action.

    Are you segmenting your requirements for certain class years, i.e. K-5th grades only?  Make sure to review the assigned trackers of each requirement and modify the applicable class years associated with the requirement for the upcoming school year.  Remember that the class years are named by tracker.  So in this example, you will need to add the incoming tracker associated with Kindergarten and remove the tracker associated with the future 6th grade class.  (Do not remove trackers associated with current requirements until the last day of school.)  Let us know if you have questions.

    Previous forms submitted that were approved are visible via the View History option on the Student Health Tracker page.  These forms can be accessed at any time.  Blank forms and coversheets are available to parents/students within their account.  All admins/users that have access to the Student Health Tracker have the ability to provide parents/students with these forms. If you have students with outstanding requirements from the current year it may help to search “All Requirements”, “Incomplete” and export those search results for your recordkeeping when new documentation is submitted for the upcoming school year.

    No longer need a form? Note that deleting a requirement will remove the form (and your access to it)  from your account. Prior to deleting a requirement, you can download a .pdf file of all answers via the Admin Dashboard>Print All Requirement Answers.

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    • Vital Health Record and Alerts
    Let’s amp up the power of the Vital Health Record. You have one custom section at your disposal. In this section you can customize questions. You will want to review the guidelines and instructions associated with each section of the VHR. You have the option to use our default language or to customize each of them to speak directly to your parents. Remember, you can also set required fields for each section and a minimum number of entries for Health Providers, Insurance, and Emergency Contacts.

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    • Smart Lists
    Get a head start on tracking compliance. Create Smart Lists to store in your library for quick retrieval of search results. For each requirement, set up lists to return forms that are pending approval or noncompliant.  Also consider setting up lists by groups, i.e. sport teams. You can make these lists public to share with colleagues to make sure everyone is aware of compliance.

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    Be sure that records are only marked as complete if the record will not be applicable to the student for the remaining time at the school. If you have outstanding documents for review, check to see whether they can simply be marked as complete. We can help with this and it’ll lighten your load in the following year!

    • Reports
    This is the time to review the efficiency of reports and when they would be most helpful. In addition to reporting for auditing purposes, you also have the ability to filter (i.e. by requirement or tracker) and export search results to track information or communicate with a segment of your student population.  You also have the ability to filter between the sections of the Vital Health Record (i.e by allergies or emergency contacts) and download these results.

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    • Magnus 911/Mobile App (Emergency Management)
    It is very important to take the time to assess all items in the requirement library to ensure the appropriate documents and information are attached to your student’s 911 card. For example, all emergency action plans and the consent to treat should be linked to the student’s 911 card.  Go to the Requirement Library and look for forms with a green check to indicate they are linked to Magnus 911.  If forms need to be added to Magnus 911, simply click edit for the requirement, check the box for Magnus 911 and click Save.

    Magnus 911

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    Mobile App

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    Magnus 911 Alerts

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