Happy Halloween! Magnus is releasing a few new features this week on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017. Check out the details below!

New Visit Log Feature & Improved Check-In!

If your school is using the Check-In feature you can keep better track of who is in your Health, Athletic, and/or Counseling office by filtering between three different statuses for your student visits. The Check-In Screen will now show all students who have been in your office within the last 24 hours, making this not only a Check-In feature but also a visit log for your office.  Navigate to Draft Notes, Completed Notes, or the Student Medical Record directly from the Visit Log with a single click!  To see more about the statuses Magnus will use within this feature, see below!

Waiting Status
The student has checked in, but documentation has not yet started in any way.

In Progress Status
A note has been started, and it is still being worked on by the person who accepted the visit or has been “Saved for Later.”
A note was submitted for the student. Documentation is complete.

Medication Schedule Improvements (Video in Section Below)

Ability to Keep Medications From Displaying on the Medication Schedule
Follow these instructions if your medications have already been entered into Magnus:

See Walk-through Here!

1. Load the Student Medical Record

2. Expand the Medications section within the Vital Health Record Preview

3. Click Edit next to the medication you wish to hide from the Medication Schedule

4. Check the box that says “Do Not Show on Medication Schedule”

5. Save at the bottom of the screen.

Prescription Dose Field Name Updated
You will find that the “Prescribed Dose field” is now labeled “Prescribed Quantity.”

Medication Strength Field Name Updated
You will find that the “Medication Strength” field is now labeled “Medication Dose.


We hope you enjoy the new features listed above along with the various bug fixes throughout Magnus! For additional information regarding these enhancements, please join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, October 25th at 11 am!

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