How to navigate your Smart List results

    in Smart Lists

    Navigating your Smart List results comes down to five basic items.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. Click the student’s name to reach their Student Medical Record.

    2. Click the tracker name to reach the student’s Health Tracker.

    3. The progress bar shows you the student’s overall progress for all of the requirements in their account.

    4. These are your compliance percentages both for the current smart list and for the account’s overall compliance. Smart List Compliance tells you how the students in the current list measure up to the criteria you selected. Here, all three students (100%) have a VHR with a status of complete. This is compared to the account’s Overall Compliance percentage (17%) that indicates none of the students in your account (not just this smart list) are complete across all requirements.

    5. If the students in this list have requirements that need to be reviewed, you’ll see a number here in your Reviewer Portal button. Click this button to review those pending requirements.

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