How to review your account

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    • Video Overview

    Your account is now set up and ready for your review! You will find your username and password to the sample parent account in the account review email you receive from your Client Experience Manager. Below is an outline of next steps needed to advance the implementation process. Please pay attention to the “To be Completed” section below for tasks that need to be completed before moving forward with the implementation process.

    • Step-by-Step Checklist

    1. Login as a Parent

    The parent login credentials will provide you with a view from the parent’s perspective.

    • Watch the welcome video. This video explains how parents will receive, complete, and send records.
    • Click Complete Now on each child and verify each child is receiving the correct requirements (i.e. Class of 2026 is only supposed to see the immunization form)
    • Click Complete Now next to the Vital Health Record.
    • Click through each section of the Vital Health Record, noting any desired changes to the custom guidelines within the blue instructional boxes above each section.
    • For the emergency contacts, insurance, and healthcare providers, make sure the minimum number of required answers is set as desired.
    • After looking through the Vital Health Record, review each of the forms by clicking “Print and Sign”. Pay attention to the wording of the conditional questions where applicable, the name of each requirement, and any approval guidelines that may be included. Although there are some character limitations, the text can be changed.

    2. Login as an Administrator

    At least one member of your implementation team will receive a separate email from the Magnus system with a username and temporary password to their administrator account. This email will come from “” and have the subject line: ” [School Name] You’re invited to join our Magnus Health account”.

    When you first log in using the system generated credentials, the first step is getting to know the software. Click “Go to Front Desk” in the top right of your screen. Take some time and look around the software using the training you received from your Client Experience Manager as well as the articles linked below.

    Click on the Admin link to enter the Admin Dashboard. This is where you will go to manage and/or modify your account as necessary. Actions may include managing student/parent accounts, adding new school users, editing the Vital Health Record guidelines, creating groups, etc.

    When you are in the Admin Dashboard, click Close Dashboard to go back to the account.

    To learn about the admin dashboard in more detail
    click here to review the User Guide

    • To be Completed
    Although it is important to review the software, please make sure to take action in the areas noted below so we can keep the implementation process moving forward.

    • Vital Health Record Settings – You can increase or decrease the minimum number of required answers for applicable sections as well as change the wording of the custom guidelines in the blue instructional boxes.
    • Users – Add any additional users that need to have access to Magnus. You can make someone an admin and give them access to everything in Magnus, or limit users to specific applications or students. For more information read our user privileges article.
    • Alerts – Determine which users need to be alerted when a Vital Health Record is updated as well as when a Magnus911 card has been activated.
    • Groups – If your students are loaded into your account, you can create groups if needed. These groups can be athletic teams, special health conditions, field trip groups, new students, etc.
    • Automatic Email Reminders – After reviewing the article, set up your email reminders by customizing the text and the frequency with which to your parents.
    • Treatment Notes – Treatment notes will be a vital part of your everyday use of Magnus, so setting these up will benefit your business operations. We encourage you to collaborate with your colleagues and take some time to think about the format and set up of your notes. Treatment notes can be customized at anytime. We have standard templates available.
    • Folders – Creating a folder will allow you to upload documents in your office to a student’s medical record with ease; the folders can also be shared with parents if needed.

    Please feel free to make changes where you feel comfortable, or just keep detailed notes to provide to your Client Experience Manager. We want to make sure we receive your stamp of approval on the account set up before we can move forward with the implementation.

    • Need Help?
    Contact your Client Experience Manager.

    You will note the Need Help button in the top right of your screen when logged in as a school administrator or user. Clicking the Need Help button will place a host of articles, located in our user guide, at your finger tips. Parents also have a wealth of articles to assist them with navigating the process.



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