How to Turn on FaceID/TouchID for Magnus Mobile

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    Having a quick, convenient way to login to your Magnus Mobile App each day will provide you with a more efficient daily workflow

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    1. 1. Delete and Reinstall the Magnus Mobile V2 app (Apple) or Magnus Mobile app (Google Play)
    2. 2. Open the App. You will be informed that Magnus Mobile V2/Magnus Mobile would like to send you push notifications.  Click Allow.
    3. 3. Sign in using your Username and Password and click Login.
    4. 4. There will be an Alert that asks if you want to enable Face ID / Touch ID authentication. Click Yes.
    5. 5. You will be asked if you want Magnus Mobile V2/Magnus Mobile to use Face ID. Click OK.
    6. 6. Your Face ID or Touch ID will authenticate and the bring you into the App.
    7. 7. The next time you open the app you will be able to use Face ID /Touch ID
    • Additional Help for Biometrics
    For Android users who do NOT have biometrics enabled on their device
    For users who do not have devices with biometrics enabled you can still use the OS password keepers. If you have previously added the Magnus app to either the keychain for Apple iOS or Autofill Service for Androids, then you will not need to do it again.

    a. Go into Settings
    b. Click System (Languages, gestures, time, backup)
    c. Select Languages & Input
    d. Select Advanced
    e. Select AutoFill Service – Turn on User Autofill with Google
    f. Open the Magnus Mobile App and Sign in. You will be prompted to Save password to Google – Click Save
    h. The next time you log in you will be able to use the saved user Id and Password from the Google password keeper.

    For iPhone users who do not have biometrics enabled on their device

    a. Go into Settings
    b. Scroll down to passwords and Accounts
    c. Click on Website and App Passwords. Enter your login passcode if asked
    d. Click plus sign (+) in the upper Right-hand corner e. Enter the Website: and your Username and Password and click done.
    f. To login using the saved password Open the Magnus App, Click on Passwords and Type Magnus in the search bar. Select the magnus app information and the username and password will populate.

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