How to use Magnus Mobile (Video tutorial included)

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    Smart devices are more and more common in schools. With smart devices comes smarter protection of confidential health information during emergencies.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Watch this short video, and share it with other users at your school as well.

    Search and download the app Magnus Mobile V2 from the Apple App Store or Magnus Mobile from the Google Play Store on your smart device.

    appstore-button-black-300x110Magnus Mobile V2 for Android

    Login with your Magnus username and password.

    Search for an individual student by student’s First or Last Name, or for multiple students by searching by Tracker or by Group. Then select the appropriate student.

    Activating Magnus911

    Click on student’s Magnus911 number under the students name. will pop up with 16-digit Magnus911 ID auto populated.

    Step 2 – Select Relationship, this is required.

    Step 3 – Send a message (optional)

    Click Access Now

    The profile will be active for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, the student’s Magnus911 16-digit code will need to be re-activated for future possible use.


    Allows a user to send the Vital Health Record and 911 documents via fax to the appropriate health professionals in an emergency.

    Allows a user to send an email to the contacts listed in the student’s VHR or the users phone contacts informing them of an important message.

    911 Documents

    Allows a user to view student emergency documents.

    Emergency Contact

    Allows a user to see all emergency contacts listed for the student.

    Allows a user to communicate with the emergency contacts via email or phone call simply by clicking on the link to their email address of phone number.


    Allows a user to see a complete list of allergies for the student as well as the reactions, severity, etc.

    Severe allergies will have a red exclamation point (!) next to them to let you know they are life threatening.


    Allows a user to see a list of medications, active and inactive, as entered in the Vital Health Record that are important for emergency responders to know and to see which medications are approved to be administered to the student. Users can click on the medication to see the type of medication, prescribed quantity, medication dose, etc.

    Medical History

    Allows a user to see the student’s medical history as entered in the Vital Health Record.


    Allows a user to see the student’s healthcare providers as entered in the Vital Health Record. Clicking on a physician will allow users to see all the details of that physician including phone number, address, etc. Users can click the link on the phone number to call the physician if needed.


    Allows a user to see the student’s insurance information as entered in the Vital Health Record. Clicking the Insurance will allow the user to see all necessary details of the insurance policy/plan.

    Clinic Alerts

    Allows a user to see the student’s clinic alerts as maintained in the Student Medical Record. If the student has a clinic alert(s) listed there will be a red exclamation point on this icon on the main screen to let the user know to check the alert.

    Student Info

    Allows a user to see all of the student’s basic demographic information.

    Athletic Module Add On Injuries

    Allows a user to see all of a student’s active and inactive injuries listed in chronological order by injury date. Clicking on the injury will allow the user to see the details and/or will allow the user to edit the injury if it is listed as active.

    Allows a user to add a new injury by selecting the + sign in the top right hand corner.

    Treatment Notes

    Allows a user to view/edit injury notes added for a student’s injury or add a new treatment note.

    Allows a user to set/edit an injury status for a student for both practice and games.

    Injury Status List

    View a list of students with active injuries.

    See the status of student’s injury/injuries for both practice and games.

    ‘Filter’ button allows user to filter list of students based off of injury status.

    • Tips and Tricks

    Navigate to your Menu at anytime by selecting the three bars in the top left hand corner. Here you can access the search bar, view Injury Status List, My Profile or Log Out.
    After logging into Magnus Mobile, your session will remain active for 120 minutes, after which you will be automatically logged out.

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