How to use the Medication Schedule

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    The medication schedule takes the guess work out of which students should be lining up for their daily meds. In addition to charting administered medications, it even allows you to chart when and why a student did not receive them. Need to send a compliance note to a parent? It’s easy to do so with one simple click.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Go to Front Desk.

    Click on the icon for Prescriptions.

    Click on the Medication Schedule button.

    In the All Times, filter to the appropriate time of day needed and click Filter.

    You now have the option to:

    Click Yes or No next to Apply to all.

    Click Yes or No for each individual student’s medication.

    Once you click Yes or No, you will get the option to Show Details.

    You can click Show Details to:

    View the medication details.

    Add comments to the charting note.

    Change the time that the medication was given as well as change other details if necessary.

    Change the Sharing filter to Share with parents if necessary.

    Click Submit after all information is complete.

    Users will see a notification if a medication is missed.

    • Tips and Tricks
    How to chart a medication administration treatment note
    This will automatically chart the medication in each individual’s Student Medical Record.

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