Setting Up a User to Access Only COVID Reports

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    This guide demonstrates how to add a user to Magnus to only be able to access and run the COVID reports.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Step 1: Go to your Admin Dashboard by hovering over your name and clicking Admin
    Step 2: Go to Account then clickUsers
    Step 3: Choose New User
    Step 4: Enter user’s information accordingly for Username, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email and Department
    Step 5: Choose Tracker Dashboard for their Start Page
    Step 6: Select User do not select any of the check boxes below
    Step 7: Select trackers and/or groups. This will allow the user to view the results for these students. If the user needs to see all students please select All Trackers.
    Step 8: Select No Folders
    Step 9: Select No Access to Treatment Notes
    Step 10: Select Select Requirements then choose the name of your schools screening requirement(s) the user will need to run reports for
    Step 11: Click Save

    • User Permissions Required For This Guide