Setting Up Your Faculty Account

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    Schools should follow this guide for proper setup of their Faculty/Staff Magnus Account. Our CSV import process allows you to create user accounts for your employees that will need to access to Magnus. Follow the outline below and let your Client Relationship Manager know if you have any questions along the way.

    Please note that the preferred method of sending a CSV file to Magnus is via ARI (Auto Roster Import).  CSV files that are not sent via ARI or the integration process will result in extra fees for the school.  Please see Step 3 below.

    • Step 1: Download Faculty and Staff Import Document (CSV Format)
    Click here to download our Staff/Faculty CSV Upload Template

    Clicking on a .csv will allow you to view it. Typically Internet Explorer will load it into Excel automatically, while other browsers like Firefox will allow you to view the text file in the browser itself. Right-clicking on the .csv will allow you to download the file to your computer for use in any application that you choose.

    • Step 2: Build your Staff & Faculty File Import

    How it works

    Our upload is designed in a “account centric” format. Each row in your spreadsheet will represent one person. The template you downloaded in Step 1 is an exact format for import to Magnus. Column order cannot be modified in any way, and must be uploaded according to the exact order of the header row, for the import to work properly.

    Getting started checklist

    • Your account list must be compiled in Excel and saved as a CSV format.
    • Do NOT include a field that is not in the list below.
    • Do NOT include social security numbers.
    • Do NOT change the order of columns in the CSV file.
    • Ensure there is no hidden formatting or special characters in the file.
    • Do NOT include passwords. A temporary password is generated randomly and encrypted for security purposes. We do not allow passwords to be included in roster imports. When a parent logs in for the first time, they will be immediately instructed to change their temporary password.
    • All fields with a red asterisk in the list below are required.
    • The Vendor Key field for students and parents is required. A vendor key is used if you have another system, such as a SIS (Student Information System) that has assigned a unique ID to the parent or student. Vendor keys also prevent duplication across the Magnus system; they are not visible to school administrators when logged into the account. They are useful if you need to export a report from Magnus and want to match it with data in your SIS.

    Field-by-field cheat sheet

    CSV Column Header Sample Data Description
    Last Name *
    Smith Last Name of the person/account
    First Name * Todd First Name of the person/account
    Username * jsmithfaculty Unique username of parent in magnus. Username has to be unique in Magnus.
    Phone * 919-555-0101 Phone number of the person/account
    Email  * Email address must be a valid email for effective account creation and password resets.
    Date of Birth * 04/02/1980 Date of birth must in the format of mm/dd/yyyy.
    VendorKey  * AS348475840DG Vendor key is a unique ID from the third party system that you are exporting your data. Often this is called the record ID.
    Tracker “Staff” or “Faculty” This is an identifier for the grouping of accounts within Magnus.  For example, you may use this to differientiate Staff and Faculty, or employees of different campuses or departments.  The corresponding tracker must already exist within Magnus for correct mapping/processing of the file.
    • Step 3: Select how you will submit your CSV Roster to Magnus
    Option #1: Use the Auto Roster Import Service (Preferred Method)
    Auto Roster Import is an FTP service that allows you to automate scheduling rosters for import into Magnus. You will work with the data team and your Client Relationship Manager to construct your first full import. In this process, we will review how you will be creating this report on an ongoing basis, and the frequency you will need to send your roster.

    Once you have finished these steps, we will provision credentials for your Auto Roster Import account. With these credentials you will have the ability to schedule the roster to import directly to Magnus on a set frequency (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, etc). You can include your full roster and any updates to existing rows (i.e., a parent changes their cell phone number) will be processed, as well as new students being added to your account.

    Scheduling the roster for import will have to be set up in the software program you are using to export (i.e., your Student Information System) your roster. While most systems have this capability, there could be a module or add-on to your account that is needed to perform this task. Please check with your software vendor directly if you have questions about how to schedule your report to send to Magnus Auto Roster Import.

    Option #2: Post CSV files manually to Sharefile (fee of $100/file uploaded)

    Please note: any file that is uploaded outside of ARI or an integration will result in the school being invoiced $100 per file uploaded.  These include faculty/staff account imports, or manual account creation via Sharefile and/or an emailed excel spreadsheet.

    The school submits an original file (a roster) with all parents and students via Sharefile, a secure FTP site. This will require the user to manage a separate username and password. Any new students, i.e. start of school year or late enrollment, should be submitted in a new file. Please do not provide a previously submitted file. Subsequent rosters must be submitted via Sharefile. Changes to family relationships, i.e. adding siblings or parents to existing parents/students, can be made by an administrator in the Admin Dashboard. We will not process requests to add fewer than five students/families after the initial upload process. This must be added to the system manually using the Add Relationship feature.

    If you do not have credentials to your school’s sharefile account, you can contact your Client Relationship Manager.

    • Tips and Tricks
    How to avoid duplicate parent and student account in Magnus
    Avoiding duplication of parent and student accounts in the system saves time and headaches for you and your parents. We request that you send newly added siblings in a separate file. Once again, using vendor keys helps to prevent duplication within the account.
    How to manually add students to your Magnus account
    We will not process requests to add fewer than five students/families after the initial upload process. If you have a rolling admission or transfer students that need to be added to your account, you can use the Add Relationship tool in your Magnus account.

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