Uploading Records Using a Mobile Device – Android

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    How to upload records into a Magnus account using a mobile device

    Step 1: ​Log into your Magnus account from the web browser on your mobile device. Once
    logged into your Magnus account, from the “Front Desk” page, you will see your list of students.
    Select “Complete Now”. If you have already completed your child’s account, you will need to
    select “Student Health Tracker” to make edits to your child’s account

    Step 2: For any requirements that you would like to submit, select “Yes” or “Turn it In”.​

    Step 3: After choosing the “Turn it In” option or answering “Yes” to a requirement, you will need​

    to choose “yes, Submit”.

    Step 4: On the next page you will need to select the “Upload” option.

    Step 5: ​By selecting upload, you will be able to browse your device or snap a photo of the
    documents that you want to submit.

    Step 6:​ After selecting your documents or snapping a photo, you will be able to preview the
    records and select ‘upload Files”.

    Step 7: After your file(s) have been uploaded into your account, you will see “Saved​


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