What is the default next action date?

    in Admin Dashboard

    Forms that are required annually must have an assigned next action date. When reviewing completed requirements in the review portal, this default date will automatically appear when you are set to approve the form.  The default next action date is the assigned “expiration or due date” for a specific requirement.

    • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Go to Admin Dashboard.

    Go to Requirement Library.

    Click the Edit option next to the requirement you would like to edit.

    Under Review Portal Settings check the Approve/Reject Box.

    Check the Next Action Date box if this form must be submitted annually.

    Select the Default Next Action Date. This is the date that the requirement must be submitted by the parent/guardian in subsequent years.

    Create the Default Next Action Details in the text box below the next action date.

    If weekly email reminders are turned on, parents will see this message when the next action date approaches. Use the example as a template: “Please submit this requirement before the next action date listed.”

    • Tips and Tricks

    If the form only needs to be submitted once while the student is enrolled at the school then next action date does not need to be checked and enabled on the applicable requirement. Only the approve/reject box should be checked in this case.

    If this is a new form or requirement, the initial due date is the tracker deadline date and not the next action date. Please use the article below for creating trackers and their deadline date.

    For requirements that do not have a blanket next action date for all students, such as physical exams, do not set a default date and instead customize the next action date in the review portal.

    How to update the next action date in the review portal

    When in the Review Portal, click the radio button next to Accept.

    If this form has a unique expiration date, enter that date in the box next to Next Action Date.

    If this is an annual form, do not click the box for Complete-No Next Action Date needed. This will stop the automated weekly email reminders.

    Click Next which will save this requirement and move to the next item.

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